PGP LO206 Winter Racing




Haase has made the decision not to return the complete chassis to Europe after the Rotax Invitational Race in Nola, but instead will sell them in the country.

For this reason, pre-booking of the chassis is now open until the 10th of September, after which date we shall have to issue the correct customs export papers according to the orders received.

The complete karts, specifically developed for this event with all the latest high tech parts, will be almost new (used only for a few hours) and are being offered ready to go, at special price until the stock is exhaust.
Engines will be legal to be used in all countries.

Total number of karts+engines available: 40

We wish to inform everybody interested to buy the complete MINIMAX package to send a mail to info@haase.it to receive our best offer.

Do not miss the opportunity to buy a top class chassis at very interesting price.

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