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Electric Racing Karts are quietly changing minds about the future of Grassroots Motorsports.

Rattlesnake Electric Sport celebrates the first half of our inaugural season of the RES Championship, the first Kart racing series in North America, under FIA Category V, Class 1, Group 2 EKart specifications. The series started April 13, 2013 at Simracewaytm Kart Track, at Sonoma Racewaytm and will conclude in early November 2nd Rattlesnake Electric Sport is fielding two teams, and is joined by Customer Karts to create the inaugural field.

“We have been pleasantly surprised by our reliability and speed, right out of the box. We have finished more than 500 race laps without DNF over the first four events of the Red Line Oiltm Karting Championship. We have routinely been one of the three fastest classes of the weekend, we have had three different winners and half of our Feature races have been decided by a pass on the white flag lap”, said Richard Hilleman, team principle for RES.

The Rattlesnake 2 EKart is assembled on a CRG Road Rebel KZ chassis. It includes a power and control system from the 2013 Zerotm Electric Motorcycle Company of Scotts Valley, CA. The system was adapted by Rattlesnake Electric Sport with the help of Performance Fabrication, Bussing Machine and ongoing support from Bridge Services.

“The Zero Z-Force Power system has given us the opportunity to meet our three most important goals: Uncompromised Performance, Unparalleled Reliability, and Competitive Economics. The Z-Force ZF5.7 provides 40kW of power (55 HP), with 10+ miles of full speed racing, all with full safety systems that protect both the driver and the equipment. Zero’s control systems ensure that we find the finish line, regardless of how it is driven.” said Hilleman.

The entire championship field also participated in the 2013 Refuel Electric Vehicle TT, held at Mazdatm Raceway at Laguna Seca, in early July. The RES team swept the Kart class, winning the first 4 places. They also won the first four places of the four wheel class, and beating all of the cars. Finally, RES placed 2,3,4,5 overall for the weekend, beat only by a custom built racing motorcycle with a MotoGP grade rider and 20 practices laps, versus our 2.
“When I first read the new FIA rules in late 2012, I knew opportunity had finally arrived for an electric motorsports series that could perform with its gasoline equivalents. Our experience in 2012 showed us we could compete with the gas guys”, says Richard Hilleman.

“We expect to catch the Gas Guys by the end of our season, and we have an in class bounty for the first driver to set the fastest race lap of the weekend for a Redline Oil Karting event. We are getting faster every week.”

As Rattlesnake Electric Sport gets ready for the final four events of our season, we are inviting the Karting Press to spend a day with our racing teams at the SimRaceway Karting Center, located at the Sonoma Raceway. Those in attendance will get a chance to drive the future of Karting, and see how fast it can be.

The press event is scheduled for August 21, 2013 at SimRaceway’s Karting center at the Sonoma Raceway. For more information on attendance, please contact:
Richard Hilleman
Rattlesnake Electric Sport
650 346 4138

Rattlesnake Electric Sport is a EKart Racing team leading the RES Championship as part of the WKA sanctioned Red Line Oil Karting Championship. This team fields four Karts in the championship, pioneering EKart racing in the US, with the first EKart championship held in the US under the 2013 FIA EKart regulations.

MyLaps Scoring from RLOKC #5 Feature Racing

YouTube of the RLOKC #5 Feature Race Winning Kart www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7R5h9gEK1U&feature=c4-overview&list=UU_iBbnqVlcRcioC-KrxT1Ow

The Redline Oil Karting Championships www.redlineoilkarting.com/?cat=3

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