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Las Vegas – What does this title mean?

Keep reading to find out and the mystery will reveal itself.

Another fine edition of the SKUSA SuperNationals has come and gone, and SwedeTech Racing Engines was once again fortunate to have some of the most talented drivers piloting the SwedeTech power plants. The SuperNationals also brings a fitting finale for the SKUSA ProTour.

The headline Stock Moto Class, S1, was dominated by SwedeTech drivers. Simas Juodvirsis (99) came away with a big win to add to his very impressive resume. The New 2012 Pro Tour S1 Champion, Fritz Leesman (01) found himself battling from a seventh place starting position, posting the fastest lap in the main event, running out of laps to chase down Simas, but second Place would secure his National Title. Alessandro Manetti (99) found himself in the middle of the action and would claim 3rd place. Joey Wimsett (99) had a strong 2012 racing season. All year long, the chase for the National Title was between Fritz and Joey, and a fourth place finish in Las Vegas would place Joey as the 2012 S1 Pro Tour Runner Up. Northern California Standout, Jason Toft (99), has always been a strong force when it comes to these big races. Jason would wrap up the SwedeTech S1 sweep with a fifth place finish.

SKUSA’s ladder system allows talented intermediate drivers that ability to race at a national level, while vying for the S1 license. The 2012 S2 class is showing great promise for the SKUSA organization. SwedeTech drivers filled the top ten all weekend long with strong performances. Ryan Kinnear secured the third place spot, followed in order by Scott Hargrove, Alec Gumpfer, and Troy Diede. Cody Deide and Christian Schureman would secure the eighth and ninth spots for this prestigious event.

The S2 2012 ProTour Championship was also finalized in Las Vegas. Cody Tracy(99) had an outstanding year, capping his season as the Championship Runner Up. Filling up the next championship spots were Cody Diede(99), Ryan Kinnear(99), Troy Diede(01), Christian Schureman(99), and Alec Gumpfer(99). SwedeTech is looking forward to the 2013 season with this talented group of drivers.

The Junior Shifter program continues to gain strides with the S5 class. Watching these young drivers muscle the shifter karts around any track will put a smile on your face. SwedeTech Racing is very proud of Jim McKinney’s championship year. Jim has been a driver to contend with all year long, and his teams’ hard work earned them the S5 Pro Tour Championship. One of our sports newest driver, Andrew Evans, put on quite a show utilizing all of his brakes going into turn one. His drive would earn him a third place spot on the podium as well as the fastest lap of the main event. Another SwedeTech Junior driver that has been putting in the effort to learn the S5 package is Curtis Paul. Curtis is an accomplished Jr. Driver and his recent hard work earned him a strong 6th place finish in the main event.
The gentleman racers of SKUSA fill the S4 class. Over the past few years, this class has become increasingly competitive with some of our sports finest “recycled” drivers. This older group has talent.

Some of these drivers go back and forth between S1 and S4, being competitive in both. For years, SwedeTech has had great results and a strong hold on this class. 2012 would be no different. Bonnier Moulton repeated as the S4 SuperNationals Champion with a commanding performance.

What better compliment can you receive then when a former engine builder competitor asks you to build his personal engine. Retired National Level engine builder, Trevor “TMac” McAlister has been a force in the S4 class all year long. His hard efforts would earn both the Runner Up positions in both the SuperNationals and the SKUSA Pro Tour. Former SuperNationals G1 champion, Eduardo Martins had a strong showing in S4 with a solid third place finish. The new 2012 S4 Pro Tour Champion, Eddie Olpin, secured his National Title with a strong fourth place finish in the Super Nationals main event.
S4 ProTour drivers of mention, Jordon Musser with a solid third place Pro Tour championship finish. Curtis Cooksey and Robert Marks clinched the top five sweep of the 2012 S4 Pro Tour Championship for SwedeTech Racing.

Besides building and servicing the top Stock Moto pilots, SwedeTech Racing has a very strong Leopard program. Karting stand out, Kiel Spaulding had stepped away from the karts this past year to focus on a car career. Without missing a beat, Kiel jumped back into a kart for the Tag Senior class. Winning a heat race and showing fast times all weekend long, Kiel would end his 2012 SuperNationals event with a third place podium finish.
SwedeTech wants to thank ALL of our drivers and teams that have supported us. Without our customers, we would not have these stellar results. We are looking forward to the 2013 racing season and seeing everyone at the big races.

For more information on our service, or to supply SwedeTech with your race results, contact Jason at info@swedetechracing.com .
Since 1998, SwedeTech customers amassed over 30 SuperNational victories in the Shifter and TaG classes. Countless National championships have been added to the resumes of many SwedeTech customers participating in many different sanctioning events and associations.

In addition to offering superior kart engine packages and customer support, SwedeTech Racing Engines offers engine services for all two-stroke racing applications such as ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Motocross, and Grand Prix Bikes.

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