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Tec-Sav: Always No. 1


Among the many victories of kart drivers moto- rised by Tec-Sav in 2012, the French team conquered the most coveted of all titles: the World Cup for KZ1, with the Dutch driver Bas Lammers and the Praga team. Despite increasingly fierce compe- tition, Tec-Sav ensured the triumph of several engine brands such as BMB, Maxter, Parilla, and TM, for the grea- test delight of its partners as well as of the drivers the Savard family works with, thanks to its unmatched ex- pertise and professionalism
in the paddock.

A lot of hard work, passion, research, care, development and ingenuity: these are some of ingredients that Tec-Sav has mixed to remain at the top at world level, year after year. Indeed, the French engine tuner cele- brated its sixth victory in a row at the World Cup for KZ1. Quite a feat in this elite cate- gory! «We have already won this race with Maxter and with TM, and this year we have achieved a double success with a Parilla and a BMB», Patrick Savard commented. «This is the result of the very important preparatory work we do in our workshops but also of our close involvement with the teams we coope- rate with».

Today, operation of 125 hp gearbox engines on the track also plays an important role and Tec-Sav is able to build on its solid racing experience. With its stunning quartet com- posed of Patrick Savard and his three sons Eric, Thierry, and Yannick, this engine me- chanics team provides flawless organisa- tion and assistance services. With its newly homologated CIK 2013 engines, Tec-Sav is determined to stay one step ahead of the competition.

«We have finished the season in beauty, with quite a few victories», added Patrick Savard. «In addition to the World Cup and the Las Vegas podium, we have also won seve- ral races in France, with Benjamin Da Silva at the French Cup for KZ125 at Laval and with Yannick (Savard), who won the KART mag Trophy, the French Championship and the French Cup for KZ125 Master! We have also further improved performances and we definitely do not lack ideas to explore new opportunities for engines in 2013. Today, we are always looking for the maximum power, but in combination with curve optimisation, to have the best operation at all engine speeds. Obviously, these efforts go hand in hand with ongoing work on reliability and compliance with current regulations». Pro- viding all drivers with high-performance engines and securing top-quality services: this is more than ever the Savard family’s goal for the coming year.

Tec-Sav would like to thank all the drivers who have placed their trust in the company during this very successful season, as well as the teams Birel, CRG, DR France, Energy, Formula K, Ninar, Praga, Sodikart, and TB Kart, while looking forward to cooperate with them again in 2013, both in France and abroad.

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