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New Pro Gas Animal classes will highlight 2013 WKA Gold Cup Series


Article By: WKA Pitboard

CONCORD, N.C. - The WKA RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series will return to a 4-cycle-only national tour in 2013, and included in the new season's class structure will be three new Briggs Animal Pro Gas divisions.

The new Pro Gas classes will be for Briggs Animal engines running on unleaded pump gasoline from a designated

Briggs Pro Gas Sportsman will be offered for racers age 7 to 12 years old, Briggs Pro Gas Junior for the 12- to 15-year-old category and Briggs Pro Gas Senior for drivers age 15 and up.

The three classes will run the final one, final two format and count the best seven out of 10 races toward a single national championship.

Here's where it gets interesting.

In addition to the traditional national championship eagle trophies and other WKA awards, the champions of these three Briggs Pro Gas classes will be awarded an array of valuable prizes and products, led by a brand-new, turn-key go-kart chassis.

Coyote Motorsports, Margay Racing Chassis and Razor Chassis have posted primary sponsorship for the three classes. Each Pro Gas national class champion will win a brand-new Coyote, Margay or Razor chassis. Each kart will come complete with a Briggs & Stratton Pro Gas Animal engine and all key running gear, including clutch, tires, wheels, bodywork, etc., with exception to an electronic gauge.

It is yet to be determined which class winner will receive which chassis, however, it may come from a random draw or a mutual agreement among the three class champions.

A number of companies have stepped up to support this program with product awards for the 2013 racing season and year-end awards ceremony. In addition to Coyote, Margay, Razor / Roberts Kart Shop, the following companies are providing product sponsorship for the 2013 Pro Gas Gold Cup classes.

- Briggs & Stratton Racing

- Kart City Performance

- Baker Racing Engines

- American Power Sports

- Dyno Cams

- Target Distributing

- MGM Chassis Co.

- Michigan Kart Supply

- Bridgestone

- RLV Tuned Exhaust Products

- ARC Racing

- R2C Performance Filters

- Jammer Clutches

- Tomar Clutches

- SMC Clutches

- Bully Clutches

Technical engine specs for these new classes are being developed and will be announced shortly.

Many benefits highlight this new Animal Pro Gas engine program. Financial benefits include a lower cost to build, increased time between rebuilds, reduced labor time and lower engine and overall maintenance costs.

The Pro Gas engines will also feature increased engine durability, user-friendly pump gasoline usage and the elimination of carburetor corrosion issues that are currently associated with methanol fuel use.

Regarding engine performance, the Sportsman and Junior classes will see similar horse power and track lap times as the current methanol-fueled Animal. In the Senior class, the Pro Gas will run a slightly lower horse power at lower RPM levels but still very comparable at high RPM levels.

This performance equality will be emphasized utilizing some of the following spec internal and external components.

- Spark plug

- Exhaust header with port extension

- Camshaft

- Blower housing guard with spec holes

The 2013 WKA RLV Gold Cup Series schedule will be announced soon.


2-cycle and 4-cycle Tech Seminar next Saturday, Nov. 17 at Parts Peddler Show in Syracuse

CONCORD, N.C. - A 2-cycle and 4-cycle WKA / SFI Technical Certification Seminar will be held next Saturday, November 17 at the 33rd Annual National Parts Peddler Trade Show in Syracuse, New York.

Registration will begin at the WKA booth space at 11 a.m. The seminar will open at 11:30 a.m. in a reserved room at the New York State Fairgrounds Center of Progress Building, where the three-day trade show is being held.

The 2012 seminars have been revised and expanded to include the latest technical updates as well as more information on the role of the tech inspector, pre-race tech inspection, tech room procedures and the protest and appeal process. WKA members who wish to become certified as WKA Technical Inspectors will take the SFI/WKA Certification Examination at the conclusion of the seminars. Those passing the open book examination will receive a 2-year WKA/SFI Technical Inspector certification.

The cost for any of these seminars is $125. That includes the seminar, the SFI examination and a copy of the 2013 Technical Manual. Those successfully completing the examination will receive a clothing patch and an ID card and will be included on the list of SFI/WKA Certified Technical Inspectors.

If you're not a current WKA member, you will have to purchase a year membership, in addition to the $125 seminar fee, for $55.

The Parts Peddler Trade Show, in its 33rd consecutive year, is one of the best auto racing trade shows in the country. Nearly every form of motorsport is represented and booths with great deals on racing equipment, safety equipment, apparel, engine, suspension, karting and much more.

For more information, visit partspeddler.us.

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