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2012 St. Louis Karting Association (SLKA) Championship


The 2012 St. Louis Karting Association Awards Ceremony, Bar-B-Q and track closing was held at the track in Pevely, Missouri on Saturday, October 27, 2012. SLKA members, along with family and friends came down to celebrate on this sunny, yet crisp, fall day. SLKA vice-president, Tim Vinson, manned the grill, serving up delicious hamburgers, hotdogs and bratwurst. The banquet table was filled with delicious side dishes brought by our members. There was plenty of food for all.

Following the bar-b-q, the awards ceremony began. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, SLKA was able to award almost $4000 worth of prizes to our members. SLKA would like to recognize the following companies: Bob Bondurant SuperKart School (karting class certificate); Margay Racing (Bridgestone tire sets, banners, stickers); Crockett Motorsports (shirts, tools, karting supplies); Raineri Building Materials (coolers and gift certificates); American Boiler and Mechanical ($ and gift certificates); CKT Racing (driver’s suit); KWUSA (karting merchandise) and ARC Racing (gift certificate).

The first award presented was for “Sportsman of the Year”. This year, there were three nominees – Jay Crum, Steve Kulp and Robbie Freeman. The trophy was awarded to Robbie Freeman. In the nomination letter, Robbie was recognized for always helping out at the track, striving to do his best, mentoring young racers, racing fairly and treating other with respect. Robbie was also awarded a gift certificate for a new driving suit sponsored by CKT Racing.

Awards were then presented to the racers in the nine SLKA championship classes. In order to be eligible for championship points, the racer must be an SLKA member in good standing and have competed in at least 4 races. All first place winners received an impressive American Eagle trophy, a Crockett Motorsport T-shirt and a chance to win either a set of Bridgestone tires or a $50 American Express Gift card. Large tiered trophies were awarded to second thru fifth place. The Bridgestone tire sets were won by Ken Williams, Robbie Freeman, Alex Grapsas, Cassidy Allison and Sam Raineri. One dad almost fainted when his son started to reach for the gift certificate instead of a set of tires donated by Margay Racing.

Alex Grapsas won 1st place in the Kid Kart Unrestricted Championship, winning four races this season. Evan Zarbo finished 2nd, Christian Murdick 3rd and Alex Jones in 4th. Other SLKA members who participated in this class were Tate Steinmann, Mason Maine, Tyler Hatcher, Fynn Ryan, Alex Whaley, and Dylan Mayer. All Kid Karters in attendance received a SLKA polo shirt and a SLKA lunch bag with a $20 Walmart gift card and toys inside.

In the 2012 SKLA Clone Rookie Championship, Sam Raineri came in 1st place, with two wins this season. Aidan Kleewein came in 2nd place, with his first karting win in Race #7. Collin Brown came in 3rd place, with two wins this season. Other SLKA members who participated in this class were Daniel French, Emily French, Cade Wokurka, Nick Lueck and Jay Crum.

Nicholas Nufer took top honors in the 2012 SLKA Tag60 Championship, winning 8 out of the 8 races he competed in this season. Camren Kulp came in 2nd place, with a win in Race #6. Deven Kulp came in 3rd place followed by Bailey Ryan in 4th. Other SLKA members who participated in this class were Zach Whaley.

Cassidy Allison won 1st place in the 2012 SLKA Clone Junior Championship, winning 4 races this season. Logan Manson, came in 2nd place, having celebrated his first karting win in Race #9. Matthew Pyatt came in 3rd place, ending his season strong with his first win in Race #11. Mariah Freeman came in 4th place, followed by Garrett Wheeler in 5th.

Kyle Raineri took top honors in the 2012 SLKA Yamaha Junior Championship.

Kyle Kennedy took top honors in the 2012 SLKA Shifter S5 Championship, winning 5 races. Max Nufer came in 2nd place, winning 3 races this season.

Robbie Freeman won 1st place in the 2012 SLKA Yamaha Senior Sportsman Championship.

Tim Bade took top honors in the 2012 SLKA Yamaha Pipe Championship, after completing a total of 4 race laps all season long.

Ken Williams won 1st place in the 2012 SLKA Clone Senior Championship, having six wins this season. Tom Luczkowski came in 2nd place, and celebrated his first win in Race #7. Other SLKA members who participated in this class were Tim Mayer, Craig Pyatt, Sean Ryan, Brandon Luczkowski, Tim Bade, Bill Sanders and Mike Murdick.

Congratulations to all the 2012 SLKA Racers!

After the awards were presented, it was time for more prizes! Cassidy Allison won the Bob Bondurant Advanced Karting Class certificate worth $1099. All SLKA drivers in attendance made at least two or three trips to the prize table. The racers were forced to make some tough choices between tools, gift certificates, helmet bags, karting supplies, banners, shirts, toys, etc. There were over 25 SLKA cooler bags filled with gifts certificates ranging from $20 to $50. Even the young siblings of racers were awarded special prizes. Everyone was very appreciative of the sponsors’ generous donations.

Thank you to all the members who helped set up the tables, packed up the leftover food and cleaned up after the event. A special thanks to Robbie Freeman and Max Nufer for collecting all the hay bales. The 2012 season ended on a high note. SLKA is looking forward to a great 2013 season!

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