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USKN "Track Review" - SIMA Summer Series Round 6


Some two years after it’s Grand Opening Sumas International Motorsports Academy (SIMA) was set to run the 6th and final round of it’s “2012 SIMA Summer Series”. We’d heard a lot of good things about the track over that time but never had we raced at the facility.

The weather forecast was predicting high 70’s with blue sky’s, perfect Indian sum- mer like conditions, I checked my calen- dar, I was jammed through the week, but my Saturday was open. A perfect oppor- tunity to go racing.

It was already Wednesday, and there would be no time for me to get a kart ready. Explaining the situation to Michael (Valiante) he suggested their Arrive and Drive Program, I mentioned I wouldn’t be able to get there for Friday practice, “not a problem” he said, “we’ll have a kart ready for you in the garage area Saturday morn- ing.”....

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