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Article By: RMG Race Media Group

SACRAMENTO, CA - The annual race driver talent search conducted by Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle launches September 12th, 2012. The nationally acclaimed driver development program is focused on finding top young drivers and developing them towards professional Stock Car careers. Talented drivers from across the United States will be selected to participate in an extensive, three day driver try out event known as “The Shoot-Out,” scheduled to start in one month on October 12-14, 2012.

Star Racing Supply is offering $16,000 to $25,000 to help each winning driver selected from the Shoot-Out to race with RSWC … up to 20 drivers total. This $380,000 in racing sponsorships, is designed to help young racers make the jump up into auto racing. Combined with additional powerful prizes offered by Star Racing Supply, for next season, this Shoot-Out promises to be advantageous in many ways for young drivers that are high on talent and low of funding.

Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle has achieved major steps for young drivers working toward professional careers in stock car racing. From finding top young talent ... developing them in the most comprehensive program ... helping families raise funds to race and go to the next level ... to arranging meetings and tests with Cup Teams for RSWC development drivers ... RSWC has proven to be the most complete program in the nation.

The Shoot-Out, is not a race, but rather a major event to test young race drivers from different backgrounds and different age categories, to determine which drivers have the talent and potential to be developed towards professional Stock Car careers with RSWC. Most racers consider being selected to the Shoot-Out an honor in itself and a key checkmark for a young driver’s resume.

Day one includes a fitness test, problem solving test, shop tours and workshops for parents and drivers, including, "The Real World Good, Bad & Ugly of Driver Career Development" and “Strategies to Succeed in The Shoot-Out.”

Days two and three are on the race track. Drivers get 100 laps, over five sessions, in one of three types of race cars to show their talent. Race cars include USAC Restricted Midgets, USAC Ignite Midgets and NASCAR Modifieds, all with satellite based on-board data acquisition systems. Driver Coaches and Judges evaluate the drivers on 45 points, with the key areas being coachability, accurate feedback, focus, motivation, training retention, communication skills, personality, learning rate, confidence and lap times.

The staff expects to receive hundreds of resumes, as in years past, and narrow it down to no more than 36 drivers to test October 12th to 14th on the Stockton 99 Speedway 1/4 mile paved oval track. Race drivers, 11 to 17 years of age, with race winning backgrounds in karts, legends, micro sprints, quarter midgets or other youth racing series … and drivers 15 to 21 years old, with race winning backgrounds in race cars, are encouraged to apply.

Ron Sutton said, “As always … we’re looking for talented young drivers with a passion to achieve a racing career … and supportive families committed to help them achieve that … regardless of their budget. If the driver has the talent, and the family is committed, we have the tools to develop the driver, the teams to win races, the marketing expertise and proven strategies to help the family raise the money it takes and the connections to make it all happen.”

RSWC has developed many young racers to successfully make the transition from youth racing series to winning races in multiple car racing series in USAC and NASCAR Oval Track series, including Jessica Brunelli, Jessica Clark, Joey Licata, Jace Meier, Tyler Edwards, Benny Moon, Nik Romano, Keegan Walmer and many more.

Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle (RSWC) is known in racing circles as the most comprehensive, established driver career development program. The program consists of 12 veteran driver coaches, 29 classroom training topics, nationally known trainers and six racing organizations fielding 30 race teams, all dedicated to advance talented drivers to Professional Stock Car racing.

Establishing itself as a successful driver development program since 2005, RSWC coordinates both individual meetings and tests between RSWC drivers and Cup Teams, as well as group Driver Talent Combines in North Carolina with multiple RSWC drivers testing in front of Cup team reps, and NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program when appropriate.

The drivers selected for the RSWC development program through the Shoot-Out will have a stock car career focused training program tailored specifically for them, their age, experience and development stage. RSWC places drivers with top racing teams in the series that fits the driver best at that point, including USAC Ignite Midgets and Sprint Cars as well as NASCAR Modifieds and Late Model Stock Cars. The RSWC program provides all the components to train, coach, race, groom and mold talented drivers into what Cup Teams want, as they step up the ranks of Professional Stock Car racing.

Families of young, winning drivers, ages 11 to 21, are encouraged to get detailed information from the web-site and submit their resume before the September 30th, 2012 deadline. The web-site is www.Winners-Circle-Racing.com

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