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"Seven track Presidents to help expand WKA to the west coast"

Article By: Race Tech Development

August 4, 2011 - The start of the 2012 racing season is beginning to look very promising for the Western half of the United States with a creation of new series, the World Karting Association (WKA) Super Series presented by Bridgestone. Promoted by seven track presidents from the Northern California and Reno, Nevada areas, the elite group has entered into an agreement with the World Karting Association to promote a series under the WKA banner for 2012 and beyond.

The creation of the WKA West Super Series presented by Bridgestone will hold a seven-race series beginning early in 2012. With events confirmed at Davis, Dixon, Prairie City, Atwater, Stockton and Monterey in California as well as Reno, Nevada, WKA looks to make a huge splash on the west coast and become a true United States National Series. The WKA West Super Series will offer classes that are well known in the western half of the United States including but not limited to Comer Cadet, Yamaha, Vortex Mini Rok, Komet Piston Valve (KPV), PRD Senior, TaG Junior, TaG Senior and the 80cc and 125cc Stock Moto programs. The partnership with the World Karting Association will give the series it's identity with the use of the rule book, points structure and guidance that any new series needs to be an instant success.

"We are extremely happy to be working with a great group of tracks that truly have the best interest for the karters and what they want as their main priority," stated Kevin Williams, WKA's District 10 Trustee. "To show the true commitment to the karters, all the track presidents have agreed that it is in the best interest of the series to have it's Race Director and Head Technical Director to come from outside the area to ensure that every team and driver has a sense of security that the officiating and technical inspection has fairness and equality."

Kinsman Kart Club President Melanie Miller stated, "It is time for all of us to unite as tracks to give the karter in this area of the United States a series that they can trust and feel good about. We want to make 2012 a special year for this new series and for the racers. This will be done by putting together a great package to crown our inaugural champions and we have all agreed that our year end awards banquet will be second to none."

The WKA West Super Series website is currently in the works and will be released shortly. Stay tuned for 2012 race dates and class structure in the coming weeks. For anyone seeking further information before the website is complete, a series email has been setup to address this. Please contact WKAWestSS@aol.com

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