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Hallmark North American event goes live on Friday, August 12

Article By: Race Tech Development

August 3, 2011 - ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships, live from Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant on August 12-14. The event will feature live streaming video, live timing, audience interactivity and will be hosted by famed Canadian announcers Alain Cyr and Richard Boisclair.

Just two weeks ago, Kart Racing Network's (KRN) debut broadcast of the Rotax U.S. Grand Nationals aired to over 22,000 viewers in 41 countries. Kart Racing Network is an innovation from the same technical specialists who revolutionized live streaming video to the karting community, having introduced an unmatched combination of live video, audience interactivity, video marshaling and live timing/scoring.

Karting Mont-Tremblant's General Manager Chantal Bourgeois stated, "Partnering with ASN Canada FIA and Canadian Tire, we are proud to again present fantastic coverage of Canada's premiere kart racing event at Canada's premier racing facility. Our goal is to share the excitement of our event with those who cannot be here to follow the championship action. We think our new live streaming programming will provide enjoyment to everyone both here in Canada and around the world!"

"The 2011 version of our broadcast is building on our successful 2010 program, with many new features available through the work of the professionals at the Kart Racing Network," added Paul Cooke of ASN Canada FIA.

KRN's Technical Producer Michael Wright: "We're excited and privileged to be chosen to broadcast the ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships. On the heels of our massively successful debut broadcast just two weeks ago, we can't wait to bring the very best of Canadian karting to an eager global audience. Once more, we shall offer our live streaming video to desktops, laptops and a wide array of mobile devices. Live timing will also be available to mobile devices via the excellent Race Monitor application (www.race-monitor.com), and of course we'll have our ever-popular live interactive audience chat."

The broadcast of the 2011 ASN Canada FIA Canadian Karting Championships goes live on Friday afternoon, August 12 at 2 PM Eastern Time (GMT -4). To receive the latest programming updates, and to fully experience all of KRN's audience interactive features, follow Kart Racing Network on Twitter (@kartracenetwork) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/kartracenetwork).

About KartRacingNetwork.com:
A dedicated team of professionals located in Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Germany have combined to offer LIVE streaming video, live timing/scoring, video marshaling and audience interactive services to the global karting community. Our personnel have broadcast over 240 class finals in the past 30 months, combining for a worldwide internet audience of 130,000 viewers from 74 countries. For more information, contact info@kartracingnetwork.com

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