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Intrepid Canada, Eastern Canadian Karting Championship Mosport Report


Article By: Intrepid Canada/ Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

Photo By: Cody Schindel, Autosports Media Group

Another impressive weekend for Intrepid Canada a week ago as the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship contested races four and five at Mosport International Karting. Goodwood Kartways Intrepid and Intrepid Quebec combined for twenty-four entries, and the group produced wins in three different classes and podium results in six of seven! Intrepid drivers continue to lead championships, and Intrepid karts continue to race for the podium regardless of the conditions.

“The team did very well once again and with some luck we could have had wins in every single class,” said Team Manager Marco Di Leo following the event. “The 2011 Intrepid line is so very competitive in every class and weather condition, and it has definitely shown in the Eastern Canadian events this year. We have done a lot of development work to be competitive in the wet especially, and the hard work definitely shows on days like Saturday.”

A day that had wet qualifying, dry prefinals and wet final events had teams and drivers scrambling from dawn till dusk, yet Intrepid drivers were never far from the front and produced two wins and seven podiums. One winner, Cory Luciano in Rotax DD2, demonstrated exactly what Di Leo speaks of as he came from fourteenth to second in a dry prefinal and won a wet final by over three seconds and in total control of the race. And make no mistake, one doesn’t require a massive budget and extensive crew to be quick on an Intrepid as its Master class continues to prove. Alexander Mankovski, a second-year driver who tunes his own entry in Masters, took pole and won the final with the fastest lap, and Intrepid Quebec lead man Francis Mondou hasn’t missed the ECKC podium since he started on an Intrepid!

“Intrepid Quebec continues to impress in Masters DD2 and Francis is doing a great job with the team and in promoting our brand,” Di Leo continued. “It really has been a pleasure to introduce them to Intrepid/HRS racing, and work with them at events. They have some really important events coming up in Quebec this summer and they really have what they need to be on the top step!”

Another driver who has shown impressive speed at each ECKC event is Junior Artem Korolev. His, though, is a very different story. Unable to have the pieces fall in place over a full race day heading to event three, Korolev once again had a roller-coaster ride before finally finding the podium on Sunday.

“Saturday was truly a once-in-a-lifetime final coming together,” Korolev said of the first run of the weekend. “We qualified second, but went to the back for a missing O-ring. Then we were hit and lost the chain in the prefinal, but in the final passed twenty-two karts on the first lap alone! We were fifth after two laps, then in the lead by lap five only to have an unfortunate incident end it. I was just so upset I couldn’t hold my frustration any longer.”

For Korolev, the day was just a nightmare season continuing. In race one at Goodwood he was running sixth when he retired with a sticking throttle. In race two he was on pole but settled for fifth. At race three he started from the back and was all the way to fifth when forced to retire after losing a chain guard. Then Mosport started with a back-to-front drive through a field of thirty-two in five laps, only to go out again on lap six! Sunday finally brought a podium though, after a steady run from qualifying through the final.

“Getting on the podium on Sunday finally showed that we could be there,” Korolev said. “It was a huge boost for us after the frustration of not finishing three races, and the day went pretty well from start to finish. We very satisfied to show we can be there and get everything right.”

The Mosport event also served as a Pan American Rotax Max Challenge event which allowed for the father-son combination of Carlo and Leonardo Rinaldi to compete. Carlo, the reigning Florida Winter Tour DD2 Masters Champion, came forward to second on Saturday as he learned the Mosport track, then scored a win on Sunday after setting the fastest lap in the field. Leonardo also had two podiums, his coming with a second and a third in Micro-Max. Reid Arnold was also on podium after starting from P25. He gambled on wet tires in the Senior final and stormed to third as a result. Full team results from Mosport can be seen below.

One week later Intrepid Canada was also represented in the Western Canadian Championship when Dalton Kellett contested both DD2 and Rotax Senior. He was one of the fastest in the Senior field, sitting on pole Sunday, and produced a double-podium performance in DD2, second on Saturday followed by a win on day two.

Intrepid Canada Driver Results - Eastern Canadian Karting Championship, Mosport International Karting

Rotax DD2 Masters
Carlo Rinaldi - 2nd, 1st
Francis Mondou - 3rd, 2nd * Intrepid Quebec
Dany St-Hilaire - 5th, 4rd * Intrepid Quebec

Rotax DD2
Cory Luciano - 1st, 19th
Reid Arnold - 20th, 4th
Enrico Menotti - 6th, 11th
Bryson Schutte - 9th, 8th

Rotax Max Masters
Alexander Mankovski, 1st, 3rd
John Cariati, 2nd, 2nd

Rotax Max Senior
Reid Arnold - 3rd, 28th
Andrew Waring - 7th, 26th
Marco Di Leo - 11th, 11th
Hugo Parent - 30th,19th * Intrepid Quebec
Lauren Fortune - 33rd, 23rd

Rotax Max Junior
Artem Korolev - 32nd, 3rd
Jesse Lazare - 31st
Marco Signoretti - 27th, 15th

Rotax Mini-Max
Jordan Slipacoff - 4th, 12th
Davide Greco - 7th
Karter Hickling - 8th, 8th
Gerrit Tiemersma - 16th, 10th

Rotax Micro-Max
Leonardo Rinaldi - 2nd, 3rd
Russell Boyle - 6th, 4th
Jacob Ewaniuk - 7th, 6th

*Team Facts: Intrepid Canada is based at Goodwood Kartways in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, where drivers can progress from turning rental kart laps to world championships. Home to the Arrive & Drive Canadian Rookie Karting Championship and the Toronto Racing Association of Karters club program, the Goodwood Kartways/Intrepid Canada race team represents the facility at National and International Championships like the Florida Winter Tour, Pan-American Rotax Max Challenge, Eastern Canadian Karting Championship and Canadian National Championships.

It has also had drivers contest the SuperKarts! USA SuperNationals, the World Karting Association Manufacturer’s Cup, the Rotax European Championship, the Rotax International Open Championship and the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. Goodwood Kartways/Intrepid Canada operates in conjunction with Intrepid Kart Technology, HRS Racing Engines, IMAF Racing Seats, VPD, Chapman Racing Services and Intremax.

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