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Tazio Torregiani Wins at NJF1 in 2nd Round of WKA NJ Sprint Series


On the first weekend of June 2011, the WKA Divisional New Jersey Sprint Series returned to the very fast and long kart track at NJ Motorsport Park in South Jersey.

12 year old Tazio Torregiani admits this is his favorite track. This is where Torregiani had his worst crash and his best wins, and he came back to win again, in Cadet Class. The feature race 1 was very exciting with several lead changes. Bump drafting is a big factor here. Your drafting partner at the end also becomes your biggest rival. Tazio grabbed the lead from the pack with only a few turns to go and defended all the way to the finish in first place, with 3 karts right on his tail. “We go into the last turn before flat out section onto the straight away, and I go into the inside without him (leader) ever even knowing I was there, and than I won and I was so happy” Said Torregiani after the race.
Tazio also did well in the Yamaha Sportsman Light class with a third place podium finish. This result, together with a win in the first round, puts the Fairfield County driver in the points lead in this class.

Tazio Torregiani would like to send special thanks to Frank Storino, Jeremy, and Mike "Chi Chi" Ramirez for their generous help in working on the Merlin karts.

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