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United States Rotax Max Challenge News Bulletin


United States Rotax Max Challenge News Bulletin

Each week our office receives requests about the Rotax Max Challenge United States Grand Nationals event, hosted at Miller Motorsports Park starting July 19th.

It is the responsibility of each competitor to first fill out a Rotax Max Challenge Membership form and submit to our office. Any driver under the age of 18 will also need to submit a copy of his/her birth certificate in order to qualify.

The next requirement is to race any 4 local or regional RMC races anywhere in the country. There is still plenty of time for drivers to get their punches. RMC directors and MAXSpeed dealers need to call your drivers and get them out to the races.

The next important question asked of our office is “what about parking for the Grand Nationals”. Our sponsors will get first choice of parking considerations whether it is the garages or the preferred parking spots at Miller Motorsports Park.

Class Sponsors are listed below:

Micro Max – sponsored by PSL
Mini Max – sponsored by Homestead Karting
Junior Max – sponsored by Tony Kart West
Senior Max – sponsored by MKP
DD2 – still available
DD2 Masters – still available
Masters Max – still available

We are also in communication with a title sponsor and we will be proud to have them on board. This is just the beginning to making this years’ U.S. Grand Nationals better than EVER!

The parking reservations are being logged on a first come first served basis and will be assigned after the sponsorship program is complete.

This year can be the start of a new generation of Grand Nationals with several new additions being added due to the participation of our sponsors. We are putting back into the Rotax Program for our dealers and most importantly our customers to enjoy.

Rotax Max Challenge Grand National classes and (kart numbers) are below:

Micro Max (400-499) this class will be capped at 34 drivers
Mini Max (500-599)
Junior Max (0-99)
Senior Max (100-199)
DD2 (200-299)
DD2 Masters (300-399)
Masters Max (600-699)

Total Rotax Membership Count is 511. The number of registered drivers increases every week. It is exciting to see the amount of actual drivers in the program increase more and more as the Grand Nationals draw closer. Just think that of these 511 drivers, 8 of them will receive a ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. These 8 drivers will have the chance to race against 260 plus drivers from around the world and to be a part of the best team in the world. TEAM USA!

Top Memberships per series are below:

1. South Florida Rotax Max Challenge Super Series 73
2. Rotax of the Rockies 50
3. Northeast Rotax Max Challenge 43
4. Northwest Rotax Max Challenge 40
5. Red Line Oil Karting Championship 37
6. Michiana Raceway Park 34
7. North Florida Rotax Max Challenge 27
8. Gatorz 24
9. LAKC 24
10. Southwest Regional Cup 24

Where to Race Next!

May 28th North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
May 28th Indy Karting Series
May 28th, 29th I-5 Corridor
May 28th, 29th Northwest Gold Cup
May 29th Michiana Raceway Park
June 4th Stars of PGP
June 4th Jet Karting at Norway
June 4th Utah Kart Championship
June 4th, 5th Gatorz at Willow Springs
June 4th, 5th Indy karting series at Indy airport grand prix
June 4th, 5th New Jersey Sprint Series
June 4th, 5th Southwest Regional Cup
June 5th South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
June 5th The Track at Centennial

Article Credit: Article by: gorotax.com
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