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Black Flag Racing Team Report – NW Gold Cup Round 3


Black Flag Racing is well into the regional series for the NW Gold Cup and continues to dominate as front runners. Black Flag Racing brought the usual 6 Kart stable and made large strides in driver development.

Micro Max
Jake Hudson is making race over race improvements. Qualifying 2nd, heat one finished 3rd, pre-final 2nd to set up the main event in 2nd. Hudson is continuing to show that he will become a rising star by holding his own against some season veterans. Connor Robustelli was able to command a large gap off the line and stayed in first, that left the remainder of the race between Elle Musgrave and Hudson. There was a real battle in the starting lap then Hudson was able to open a gap and pull away. The main finished in that order Robustelli, Hudson, Musgrave – all 3 drivers did an excellent job and will continue move their skills and karts forward.

Rotax Jr:
Artie Carpenter and Marco Eakins continue to showcase their talent and speed. Eakins qualified 2nd and Carpenter 3rd, behind local hometown track driver Michael Gutenberger. Heat one shot out of the cannon , Gutenberger and Carpenter freight trained Eakins and the race went into overdrive. The 3 stayed close for a good portion of the heat until Carpenter overtook Gutenberger for the finish. The pre-final (heat 2) was no less exciting as Gutenberger and Carpenter freight trained Eakins in turn one to come out 1, 2, 3 Carpenter, Gutenberger, and Eakins close behind. There was tight battle between Gutenberger and Carpenter as Gutenberger made several attempts to push into first and Eakins never very far behind. With 5 laps to go Gutenberger got into the back of Carpenter and went off track to open the door for Eakins. Heat 2 would finish Carpenter, Eakins and with Gutenberger in 3rd. The main event was Carpenter, Eakins and Gutenberger into turn one and with some jostling they came out Carpenter, Gutenberger and Eakins in 1,2,3. The order would remain most of the race until Gutenberger was able to overtake Carpenter with Eakins in a solid 3rd. The main would finish the same order Gutenberger, Carpenter and Eakins.

Rotax Sr:
Andrew Zimmer and Darren Ward were once again in attendance looking to do better than the last Gold Cup. Zimmer qualified 1st and Ward 2nd to set up heat one. Zimmer and Ward had a fantastic start and were able to keep their positions coming out of turn one and stayed that way for the remainder of the heat as they pulled away from Joey Miller and Kory Estelle. The pre-final was a repeat as Zimmer and Ward looked to capitalize the start again and stay 1-2. However a strong Joey Miller was able to get past Ward for a 1,2,3 Zimmer, Miller, Ward finish. The main would show Zimmer, Ward, Estelle as the starting order based on points – Zimmer again rocketed into one with Estelle glued to his bumper to force Ward on the outside into 3rd, and Joey Miller looking to pick off Ward from 4th. Zimmer maintained an untouchable pace and Estelle kept a solid 2nd. Ward and Miller battled to the end trading places from 4th to 3rd and back again. 4 laps prior to the finish Ward made a stellar pass in one then pounded out some track to the last turn where Miller tried to make another stuff but went wide and Ward was able to pull some lengths for a safe margin to the checkered. Zimmer, Estelle and Ward for a 1,2,3 finish. – once again exciting racing.

Tag Masters:
Joining Black Flag Racing for the second race (Chilliwack 1st race) was NW Gold Cup veteran Tim Moss. Tim’s number one goal in NW Gold Cup was to race for fun and enjoyment and was evident in that being the only Tag Master he was combined with the Rotax Sr class to present a challenge of catching the younger drivers. Having some engine issues at the beginning of the weekend, with some help from Zimmer they were able to identify a coil problem and once corrected Moss went to work and posted some very impressive times not too far from the Senior class. Moss is an excellent Master driver and can run with the best – as Black Flag continues to attend NW Gold Cup events - Moss will continue to pursue the gold.
Another great weekend of racing for Black Flag and all of their drivers reaffirming the NW Gold Cup support and our racing program. Black Flag Racing Products is a Tigard, OR based dealer for Tonykart and OTK products and committed to developing it’s team and drivers abilities to compete locally, regionally and nationally. For more information go to www.blackflagracingproducts.com or contact Luke Vasquez at 503-208-5103.

Black Flag Racing Team Results from NW Gold #3
Micro Max:
Jake Hudson – 2nd

Rotax Jr:
Artie Capenter – 2nd
Marco Eakins – 3rd
Rotax Sr:
Andrew Zimmer – 1st
Darren Ward – 3rd

Tag Masters:
Tim Moss – 1st

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