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PGP Pleased to Announce Contingency Program With Honda


At PGP Motorsports Park, we’re racers just like you, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to make racing at PGP more affordable and fun.

With that in mind, PGP Motorsports Park is pleased and proud to announce a partnership with Honda Performance Development (HPD) for the Stars of PGP Kart Series. Combined with a streamlined class structure that maximizes track time and an affordable tire program for Stock Moto Honda drivers, the HPD contingency program gives PGP’s karters the most value for their money.

Here’s how it works: visit the Honda Performance Development website and register for the free Honda Racing Line program. After completing registration, you’ll receive an introductory racer kit in the mail with your membership card, decals and related support materials. Apply the decals to the specified locations and Go Racing!

The top three finishers Stock Honda Shifter Light and Heavy classes of the Stars of PGP Kart Series will receive Honda contingency vouchers that can be redeemed for CR 125 motor parts or anything else available through the Honda Racing Line program. First place gets a $150 certificate, second a $100 certificate and third a $50 certificate.

Fill out your Honda Racing Line program registration, attach your decals and come out to PGP Motorsports Park to enjoy the next round of racing in the Stars of PGP Kart Series. Round 1 of the 2011 series is already in the books, but there are plenty of chances for you to enjoy the most competitive kart action in the region. Don’t forget, too, that on the Friday before a series event we’re turning our state-of-the-art track over to Stars karters for exclusive practice sessions.

Want more value? How about combining the Stars of PGP Kart Series with the visit to PGP by the I-5 Corridor Series on June 25-26 and Aug. 27-28? PGP regulars won’t have a problem taking part in the I-5 Series at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex either, because we haven’t scheduled any kart events on those dates.

The remaining 2011 Stars of PGP Kart Series schedule (all events run 9 a.m.-4 p.m.):

Fri., May 20 Exclusive practice

Sat., May 21 Race 2

Fri., June 3 Exclusive practice

Sat., June 4 Race 3

Fri., June 24 Exclusive practice

Sat., June 25 Race 4 (note: concurrent w/I-5 Corridor Series Race 3)

Sun., June 26 Race 5 (note: concurrent w/I-5 Corridor Series Race 4)

Fri., July 29 Exclusive practice

Sat., July 30 Race 6

Fri., Aug. 26 Exclusive practice

Sat., Aug. 27 Race 7 (note: concurrent w/I-5 Corridor Series Race 5)

Sun., Aug. 28 Race 8 / Series Finale (note: concurrent w/I-5 Corridor Series Race 6)

Race results and lap times for all Stars of PGP Kart Series events are available for viewing at www.mylaps.com, and we have live webcasts provided by eventbuilder.com and accessible through a link on our website at www.PacificGP.com. We’ve made adjustments to make viewing events at PGP easier than any: just click on the link and watch. Events will also be available for “on demand” viewing after the fact by following the same link.

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