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2011 I-5 Corridor Series to Introduce New Safety Product


The racing industry is constantly looking for ways to make the sport we love safer, and karting is no different. That is why the 2011 I-5 Corridor Series is excited to be the first in karting to introduce the Raceceiver communication system . Raceceiver is a one way radio communication system that allows race control to communicate instantly with all competitors on the track, alerting drivers of potential danger long before they reach it.

The Raceceiver System is no stranger to racing. These devices have been used in bigger cars, primarily oval racing, for years. By giving race-control the ability to communicate instantly with all drivers on track, drivers are no longer surprised by what they are about to see.

Raceceiver is teaming up with Pats Acres Racing Complex and the I-5 Corridor Series to make this system available to karting drivers for the first time. The system will be put in to play for I-5 customers free of charge for the first and second rounds in May. The only cost to the drivers will be a one time fee of $10 for the 'ear-buds' required to make the system work.For those who do not own them. Should the system prove to be as valuable as expected, the system may be utilized for the remainder of the series. Joe Vinson, President of Innovative Spectator Products, will be on hand that Friday to showcase the product and introduce the Northwest racers to this safety innovation.

"I am very excited about what the Raceceiver system can do for our industry. Having officiated hundreds of events over the last 12 years at every level of our sport, I can't tell you how many incidents could have been avoided had this been available to the racers," stated series co-promoter Chris Egger. The ability to warn drivers of upcoming danger, communicate on starts and talk to drivers about marginal driving tactics is invaluable. We are excited to once again be on the cutting edge of programs offered in our sport. The Raceceiver system could become a mandatory part of our industry in the near future." Check out the entire line of Raceceiver products at www.raceceiver.com.

As the 2011 Series nears, stay tuned in to www.i5corridorseries.com. Online registration forms and more news will be showing up very soon. The I-5 Corridor Series is a program designed with the racer in mind. The Series caters to a focused group of classes with great consideration given to professionalism, travel expense, and track time for its customers. For rules, dates and additional information on the I-5 Corridor Series, visit www.i5corridorseries.com.

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