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A Big Step Forward for Darius Oskoui


Darius Oskoui is heading to the top astonishingly fast for such a young driver in karting. At two weeks’ interval he was one of the fastest drivers in international KF3, 2nd in timed qualifying
in Portimao, and he also conquered the pole position in Varennes. Darius easily qualified for the European Championship, with his Swiss mechanical components in full progression.

Comments on a Promising
Weekend in Portugal.
Although he discovered the Portimao circuit at the second meeting of the WSK Euro Series, Darius managed to adjust his Intrepid/TM and to master the track in record time, to approach the best times in the qualifying phase, less than 4 hundredths of a second behind Esteban Ocon. For the first time on the first row, he was caught by surprise by the start procedure and was handed a penalty, before winning the second heat. He then suffered a few contacts in the following heats and concluded with a 21st place in the intermediate standings. In the pre-final, Darius gained some ground, was pushed off track and retired because his seat was destroyed by the stones. Moving up fast from the last row in the final race, the Swiss driver was sent off track again. «A real pity,» Darius said calmly «for the first time everything was going fine. There are many contacts in WSK. When you are not at the front, you risk being pushed off track and this is what happened
to me several times».

Mission Accomplished in Varennes.
Two weeks later, Darius was at the CIK-FIA South European Trophy on the French circuit of Varennes. His goal was to qualify for the European
KF3 Championship. Darius started the official time qualifying session very much confident. Result: best time among 80 drivers and the first pole position in his young career. Unfortunately, race after race, his engine seemed to get out of breath and Darius had to privilege caution in order not to compromise his qualification chances.
8th in the intermediate standings, Darius was then certain to be in Zuera in July to race for the European title. Now he had the chance to try and achieve a good result in the final... A hesitant start on the part of the leader caused great confusion in the pack, Darius suffered a contact a few meters after the start and his rear axle was irremediably warped. He then muddled on to conclude the race with a 26th place. «Despite it all I am happy I qualified for the European Championship, it was my goal, and I also conquered the pole in time qualifying! Intrepid will find a solution for my engine problems to ensure steady performances throughout the meeting. Everything is going well in the team and I am learning a lot thanks to Luigina, my team manager, an extraordinary and very experienced woman».

Promising Tests in Formula BMW
The youngest driver of the group, Darius was one of the fastest among the 28 participants in the first tests of the Formula BMW Talent
Cup. François Frigola, his manager, explains: «We were favourably
surprised by Darius’ performances in single-seater: second best time! From the top of his 13 years, he showed great maturity and, in agreement with the BMW Motosports management, we decided to enrol him to this formidable and highly professional driving school. His first race will be next 12 and 13 May in Germany. But Darius remains focused on karting and he is happy with the arrival in the Intrepid team of a new team mate of great talent, Charles Leclerc».

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