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SODI W Series - The Revolution Continues


After a more than promising first edition, 3MKEvents replicated the experience in 2011 with a SWS grand final full of enthusiasm, where the pleasure of driving reached a peak not seen very often in Sprint and Endurance races, at the fantastic RKC site in the Paris region. The spirit that informs SWS events, which are entered all over the world by thousands of kart fans, was also evident in the 2011 final, a sign that the new formula created by Sodikart has a bright future ahead.

«I must confess that I was really surprised by the high sporting level of all the races», said Gildas Mérian, Sodikart president, «and I am a regular at major events! The two days of the SWS final are really at a level that has nothing to envy to international categories. This success enhances our vision and encourages us to develop it further. We have great plans for the future of SWS.»

The Sodi World Series allows thousands of drivers
to compete anywhere
in the world on a single type of karts, on all the circuits that adhere to the initiative. The best of these drivers gathered, on a very sunny day, at the RKC site, whose organisation was equal to the event. In order not to favour local drivers, races were held in the opposite direction, since the track is homologated for both directions. Karts were ballasted according to each driver’s weight, so that everyone had the same weight. Another innovation for 2011 was the admission of Endurance, which is becoming an increasingly popular discipline, to the SWS grand final, with 22 crews composed of 2 or 3 drivers. The mix of sprint and endurance races created an even more exciting atmosphere and animated the stands with the rotation of drivers.

The buzz words in SWS were first of all fun, smiles and fair play, both for the organisers and the participants. This formula showed again its value with high-performance and a 100% reliable karts, in a very warm and friendly
atmosphere, as witnessed
by the numerous encouragement and thank-you messages that came on the blog of the SWS final, visited over 6,000 times in four days. The 2011 final gathered over 120 drivers of 10 different nationalities, with a special mention for Germany in Endurance, with 5 crews for AVD Kart Challenge.

After the Belgian domination by Pro Photos Sport.com in Race 1, Endurance
- with Sodi RX7 390cc -, the CER Karting team regained the lead in Race 2, which had a 1.5 coefficient, and won the general classification
by half a point, preceding Pro Photos Sport.com, while the experienced drivers from Dubaï, the Batelco team, climbed on the third step of the podium.

On a fleet of 35 brand new Sodi RX 250s with 22 HPs, the Sprint drivers
had first to go through a series of qualifying stages. Belgian Davy Delien won Final 1 followed by French Goulven Bozec and Vincent Guiho, while British Darryl Evans was deprived of victory after a «technical» penalty of 10’’. Bozec won Final 2, which had a 1.25 coefficient preceding Finnish Mika Helen and Belgian Kevin Caprasse. Caprasse concluded at the lead of the last final (1.5 coefficient) preceding Helen and French driver Julien Azzopardi who staged a superb recovery. After summing all the points, it was Goulven Bozec, a GP Circuit driver, who was crowned grand winner of the SWS Final 2011, followed by Kevin Caprasse and Mika Helen.

Afterwards, all the participants and the people who accompanied them moved to Disneyland Paris for the prize giving ceremony during
a dinner at famous Planet Hollywood, before taking advantage of their free access to the Disney Village, and were already looking forward to their return in 2012…

Therefore the second act of the SWS event has confirmed the huge appeal of this formula - unique
in the world - that attracts each day new circuits and drivers in the four corners of the world!

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