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SSC - The End of an Era


Karbz Inc., dba SSC Racing, has entered into a buy-sell agreement of CRG assets and distribution of CRG, Maxter, Sonik-Sport, Gearbox Racewear and MoGo Brand products to CRG-Maxter USA, located in Las Vegas, NV.

In 1994 a group of Cycle Barn employees, in Lynnwood Washington, after work started racing Honda four-stroke powered “fun” karts around parking lots under lights at nights just for the fun of it. Soon employees were running alcohol and doing all kinds of crazy performance stuff to win. One of the employees read that a series started racing Honda 125cc MX powered shifter karts, the original SKUSA, managed by Jim Murley. The die was cast!

Lynnwood Cycle Barn, a Honda dealer, stripped a new 125cc Honda MX bike and started building complete ready-to-race shifter karts – the birth of SSC Racing. Jim Boltz, owner of The Cycle Barn Motorsport Group, contacted a Motorsport Consultant with the thought of helping the new Shifter Kart business expand throughout North America, this person was Joe Ramos and SSC Racing was formally in business.

Joe Ramos became President of Karbz, Inc., dba SSC Racing, and while not experienced in the karting industry, brought his extensive experience and knowledge in the Motorsports business and went to work on the karting sport and industry. Quickly outgrowing facilities in Lynnwood WA, the company was moved to Southern California near Ramos home in Palm Springs. 15 years and $60,000,000 dollars later SSC Racing expanded its sales through regions of Canada, the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean Islands.

“We’re proud of our accomplishments and hope that we may have made a difference in the karting sport and industry. Today we’re proud to pass the baton to a new generation of owners whom we know will cherish the business opportunity and take it to the next level. Curtis and Brooke Cooksey have created a new corporation aside from their longtime successful retail operation, Acceleration Kart Racing, in Las Vegas, NV,” stated Joe Ramos.

Curtis and Brooke, while in their early 20’s, started their karting business while working at SSC’s Xplex Las Vegas track. Due to growth they soon moved to a city location and Acceleration Karting continued to grow to become SSC Racing’s top selling dealer seven of the past 10 years. They bring two major qualities to the business that has proven to work very well for them; Brooke is very business and detail oriented while Curtis is a hands-on, successful racer, tuner, technical wizard with a deep understanding of what make racers “tick”. Additionally, they have surrounded themselves with savvy employees dedicated to success in the karting sport and industry.

SSC’s president, Joe Ramos, is dedicated to making this ownership transition as smooth and seamless as possible for CRG in Italy and for the very dedicated dealers and racers. Tomorrow is a brighter day!

Giancarlo Tinini owner of CRG-Maxter shares his thoughts; “While we recognize change can be a good thing we must first thank SSC Racing, Jim Boltz and Joe Ramos for 15 years of loyalty, friendship and for being valued members of the CRG family. Over the years SSC made a significant contribution branding the CRG name through out North America; however, we agree with Joe that this change will be positive because we know Brooke and Curtis and the success they’ve had in this business as a major dealer for SSC which gives them the experience to share, they are also young and energetic, they have hands on experience and loyalty to the CRG brand. We at CRG have no doubt Brooke and Curtis will show strong support to their dealer network and the new Sonik-Sport race program by Maxter for many years to come.”

"After 10 years of selling CRG products we are excited for the opportunity to be the distributor" states Curtis Cooksey of Acceleration Kart Racing. "CRG-Maxter USA is a separate entity and will focus on importing and distributing CRG and Maxter products to dealers and not retail customers. We want to make sure dealers have the parts, chassis, and motors they need to take care of their customers. Our goal has always been to provide the best products and services to our customers. We now plan on passing this concept to our new distribution. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with CRG Italy."

In an effort to minimize down time on order processing SSC will continue to accept orders through 4/18 and restart 4/25. Contact information will be forwarded to all CRG dealers prior to 4/25.

From the entire family at SSC Racing - Jim Boltz, Joe Ramos, Peter Ruiz, James Perez, Reynie Domingo and Vonda Meier - thanks to all the dealers for the memories

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