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Felix Nilsson - Swedish Advance Underway


It was with fierce determination and a budding talent that Felix Nilsson started his international karting season under the best auspices. Although the Swedish driver is still young (he will be 14 in April), he is determined to rise quickly in the standings of the KF3 category (Junior). Felix has taken on this new challenge at the wheel of an Intrepid-TM from LM Karting Team.

Calm, quiet, fast and combative, Felix Nilsson has all it takes to soon become one of the top kart drivers of his generation. However, the Swedish young driver knows he will need to be patient and take the time to acquire the indispensable experience he so lacks. "My debut in karting dates back to only a year ago, while some of my opponents have been in KF3 already for 3 or 4 years, or more! This is why we have scheduled a programme with several meetings in 2011. I need to drive at the maximum and attend many races. Last year, I was at almost 10 meetings. First of all I raced in the Swiss Championship, than I discovered international meetings, such as the Monaco Kart Cup or the karting Champion Cup in Spain. I also have a very pleasant memory of the Bridgestone Cup Europe, where I was one of the finalist drivers", Felix noted.

To quickly find his way to the lead, Felix Nilsson has surrounded himself with the best. "With my coach Marc Wolhauser, we decided to join Ludovic Miretti's LM Karting Team. Technically speaking, he is extremely competent, both in engine preparation and chassis adjustments. His small-sized structure allows him to follow closely the progress of his drivers and to help them improve. His partner Nicolas Vacher deals with assistance of my kart".

For Felix, the season started in Italy with four races in just little more than a month. "A small pain in my ribs forced me to skip the Winter Cup, but then I competed in two meetings of the WSK Master Series, in the WSK Euro Series and in the Andrea Margutti Trophy in Castelletto di Branduzzo". Each time, the Swedish driver adapted rapidly, as confirmed by Wolhauser. "Felix races in a category where the overall level is very high, but he gives his maximum to improve, despite his lack of experience".

"In particular, he has made a remarkable leap forward in his last two meetings, where he has set some excellent times, very close to those of the leaders. He already has a good approach to racing in the pack. There is always a learning phase one has to get through before they get their first results, but honestly I think he is on the right track".

Felix Nilsson

Born on the 13th of April 1997 in Sweden
> He comes from the Stockholm region, but currently lives in Switzerland
> He follows correspondence and Internet courses provided by the international school
> He started to train in February 2010, and then raced in about 8 races that same year
> This season he will be at the European KF3 Champion, at the WSK (Euro Series et Master Series) and at different international meetings

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