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Sodikart Announces Launch of New Website


Sodikart, the world karting leader, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Sodikart website www.sodikart.com . Completely redesigned and upgraded, the new Sodikart website offers an overview of all Sodikart activities, with News posted regularly www.sodikart.com/en/news.html ).

Designed for amateurs and professionals alike, the new website contains brand new features, such as the ability to view karts in 360° (www.sodikart.com/en/kart-st-32.html ) for all Rental karts (Sodi Rental) and Racing karts (Sodi Racing), and even more spectacular, rare exclusive footage of crash tests conducted for Sodikart.

These images show how committed Sodikart is to ensuring the safety of its drivers (www.sodikart.com/en/group-security.html ).

The site also features original “goodies” with wallpapers of SRT drivers available for PC, iPhone and iPad (www.sodikart.com/en/download.html ).

The design and content of the website will continue to be upgraded in coming months, which is an excellent reason to come back and visit us often.

The site is currently available in French and English, and will be available in Italian, German and Spanish within a few days.

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