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Kathryn Cornell Debuts Strong in Tag Sr as Rookie


Story & Photo By: RMG Race Media Group

Kathryn Cornell had a successful 2010 year in Tag Jr & HPV 2 Jr and is looking to do the same in 2011 as she moves up to the Sr Division with the BIG Dogs. After her results in her Sr debut this past weekend it looks as if she is already on the right track for her 2011 Season.

Kathryn showed strong results at the Prokart Challenge North Race Held at Kinsmen Kart Club this past weekend. Moving up to the Sr level can be an advantage or a disadvantage. The Advantages are if you stay in a class with a similar motor package as you had in your Jr 2 class, you already have built experience and can run very competitive right out of the box. A Disadvantage can be if you choose a different motor package that you’re not familiar with and use your rookie year learning it. Kathryn decided to stay with the class she is familiar with which is Tag. She ran against Big name karters and she knew she needed to be fast and consistent to come out on top.

With some training in the off season Kathryn was ready to go Saturday Morning for her first practice. Kathryn was the fastest driver in first practice out of 15 other Sr drivers with a 28.700 lap time. In Practice 2 her mechanic Brian Keck made some changes to see if they can improve more which placed them 3rd fastest. In Qualifying Cornell put her Intrepid Machine top 3 with a time of 28.577 only .090 from 1st. The first heat came around and Cornell put all her efforts into focusing on driving smooth, consistent and fast. Cornell finished the first 12 lap heat in second with the fastest kart in the race with a 28.324. In Heat 2 Kathryn again, finished 2nd. In the main Cornell started on the outside front row with hopes to get an early lead instead tucked in behind the leader to follow the leader for most of the race until Kathryn went to make a move and got shuffled back to 3rd. Cornell had a successful top 3 finish and looks to continue improving in Tag Sr. Kathryn will be looking forward to her next race at the SKUSA Pro Tour Spring Nationals held at Musselman Honda Circuit, Tucson Arizona April 30- May1.

“I was definitely nervous jumping up but being fastest in the practice definitely boosted my ego and encouraged me to believe I am capable of running up front. I must say it was cool to see my competitor Austin and I up front as rookie drivers,” Says Kathryn. Kathryn’s goals for the 2011 Season is to improve as a driver as well as test her driving capability which she feels as though she can achieve in tag senior.

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