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WKA: Six Suspended Trustees Reinstated...


Six Suspended WKA Trustees Reinstated Following Committee Meeting

Article by: WKA PitBoard
The following is a statement from the World Karting Association regarding the suspension of six Trustees

Pursuant to the WKA Code of Regulations, the WKA Board of Trustees appointed an internal committee (the "Committee") to hear and decide the appeals on the temporary membership suspensions of Robby Harper, Bobby Moore, Steve Rumsey, Don Guilbeault, Tony Granata, and Steve Jacobson (the "Appellants"). To ensure fair and impartial hearings, the Trustees appointed five (5) hearing committee members who were randomly selected from a pool of all past WKA Trustees. The appeals were heard on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the WKA headquarters in Concord, North Carolina.

The Committee found that it was clear that all parties involved believed that they were acting in accordance with a reasonable interpretation of WKA's rules, regulations and protocol. The Committee further found that while all parties may have made some minor errors, everyone was acting in good faith under the facts and circumstances to which they had available at the time.

Based on these findings, and on the agreement of the parties, the Committee decided that the temporary suspensions of each of the Appellants' master memberships shall be lifted.

By virtue of the lifting of their temporary suspensions, the Committee found that the Appellants shall be reinstated to their positions as Trustees and that their master memberships shall be fully reinstated.

Following the appeals hearings, everyone agreed that it was great to have these issues resolved and everyone was excited about the upcoming racing season.

Article Credit: WKA pitboard
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