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MAXSpeed Appoints Bill Wright As PanAm Promoter


The MAXSpeed Group, United States Distributor for Rotax Kart Products, has appointed Bill Wright, of Formula Kart Productions, as promoter and organizer for the 2011 Rotax Pan American Challenge.

“Bill has been instrumental in the growth of the Rotax program through his work developing the extremely popular Florida Winter Tour series and he was our first choice in tackling the Pan Am events,” said Michel Boisclair, Partner of MAXSpeed Group. “The purpose of this series is to continue to grow the stature of karting on the U.S. stage and the international status of America the program

Wright’s experience as a promoter and producer of the Florida Winter Tour and the “FWT Live!” show is expected to help elevate the participation and exposure of the Pan Am Challenge.

Schedules and announcements regarding the Rotax Pan American Challenge will be released soon from Formula Kart Productions. Visit www.GoRotaxChallenge.com for more information or contact Bill Wright at (850) 258-0846 or info@formulakart.com .

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