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GoRotax.com and RMC Competition Website


Please everyone utilize our websites is www.gorotax.com and the RMC competition website, www.GoRotaxChallenge.com. These two website addresses supercede all other previous rotax series websites. We are currently loading it with new material and documents for you and your customers reading. We plan on continual updates to these websites would like your feedback on how the site provides you with information.

RMC Home: Here you can find the most up to date News. This is a good place to find the big news for Rotax.

Membership Applications: The membership application can be found online under the Rotax Challenge link. We need a copy of the driver’s birth certificate if they are under the age of 18. Each RMC track should also be able to provide membership applications in registration.

Frequently asked Questions: Here you can find answers to recent and important Rotax questions. You can find a link from here to email us a question of your own.

Regional Race Information: We will be updating the RMC series dates and Tracks as they are approved. This information can be found under the Rotax Challenge Link. Then you can find the Rotax Max Challenge Logo on the right labeled RMC Regional Series. We are currently in the process of creating a map search of each RMC with supplied information. It should be a pretty cool tool to locate your closest series.

Technical Information: All of the sporting regulations and technical regulations can be found under the Rotax Challenge link. Then click rules and classes or technical bulletins to find what you are looking for. Here we have posted the 2011 Rotax Rules and Regulations, the 2011 Rotax sporting regulations. Also, you can find RMCUS supplementary technical regulations, class structure and age structure here. We are currently loading bulletins and other related material for the current season.
For any questions please email: info@gorotax.com

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