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I-5 Corridor Series to Add Incentive Programs!


I-5 Corridor Series incentive programs
will reward top & serious racers
Seems like time is flying by — how did it get to be February already? —and before you know it karts will be racing in the 2011 I-5 Corridor Series at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex in Canby, Ore., and PGP Motorsports Park.

Pacific Northwest karters are excited and enthusiastic about the return of a racer’s racing series, where keeping costs low while maximizing fun and competition are priorities. But as they say on those late-night TV infomercials:
This year the eight-race I-5 series will be an official Rotax Max Challenge (RMC) Series, focused primarily on Rotax Max Classes and the SKUSA-based Stock Honda Shifter program. PARC and PGP are pleased to announce two great new incentive programs aimed at the region’s Rotax MiniMax and MicroMax drivers, thanks to some series sponsors who’ve asked to remain anonymous.

First, two I-5 Series drivers will receive free entry and transportation to the U.S. Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals to be held July 19-23 at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah.

The I-5 Series will have completed four rounds by July — May 2-3 at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex and June 2-3 at PGP Motorsports Park — and the top drivers in the MicroMax and MiniMax points standings will earn a prize package that includes equipment transportation to the U.S. Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals in Tooele along with paid entry fees to the race, race tires, fuel, and pit spaces for the U.S RMC Grand Nationals.

The second incentive will be the Multi-Race Discount Program ¬— aimed exclusively at the region’s MiniMax and MicroMax drivers — where competitors who commit to the entire series can get up to 75% off entry fees.

All MiniMax and MicroMax drivers pay the regular entry fees for their first race weekend, but for their second race weekend entry fees will be reduced by 25%. Those drivers will get 50% off their third race weekend entry fees and any MiniMax or MicroMax drivers attending all four race weekends will get 75% off their final weekend’s entry fees.

“Growth for the series starts with the families and these incentive programs are a great way for us to support the foundation that will be key to seeing the sport of karting grow here in the Northwest,” said PGP owner and series co-founder Paul Zalud.

As it was last year, the I-5 Corridor Series will be contested over four weekends, using the double race weekend format for eight rounds (two throwaways) of action at two of the premier karting facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Series organizers have retained their dedication to keeping travel expenses down and maximizing track time for competitors.

The dates and locations are:
• Races 1 and 2: Pats Acres Racing Complex (PARC), May 28-29
• Races 3 and 4: PGP Motorsports Park (PGP), June 25-26
• Races 5 and 6: PGP Motorsports Park (PGP), Aug. 27-28
• Races 7 and 8: Pats Acres Racing Complex (PARC), Sept. 10-11
“These incentive programs just emphasize the fact that regional karters need to mark their race calendars now to make sure they don’t miss out on any of the action in the 2011 I-5 Corridor Series,” said Chris Eggers, PARC owner and series co-founder. “Stay tuned for more Series info and a brand new Series website coming soon.”

To learn more about PARC, visit www.patsacres.com, become a fan of “Pat’s Acres Racing Complex” on Facebook or follow @patsacres on Twitter.

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