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Cole Glasson – Florida Winter Tour Rotax Report


Cole Glasson started the 2011 season this past weekend in Orlando at the opening Rotax round of the Florida Winter Tour. He returned under the DFR tent along with his new tuner and coach, Chris Wehrheim of Rising Star Motorsports Development. The weekend had its ups and downs with horrible qualifying and great runs in the finals. On Thursday during practice, Cole was able to make his way into the top 10 of the 42 kart field improving each time out on the track. Friday brought some tough conditions as it rained the entire day and into the afternoon qualifying sessions. It became apparent that the Texas driver needs to spend some more time in the rain as the results were not what he had hoped finishing the qualifying sessions in P26 on Saturday and P21 on Sunday.

Saturday’s practice session which was in dry conditions gave hope to the weekend as Cole was 6th fastest overall and he and Chris worked on improving the kart and Cole’s driving in portions of the track. Cole drove a bit conservative in the prefinal only moving up from P26 to P23 when the checkered flag dropped; however, he came back strong in the final moving 15 spots and finishing in the top 10 with a P8 at the end of the race.

Sunday’s practice session also saw some fast times with Cole coming in 8th overall; however, the prefinal saw Cole move up to 18th in the opening lap from P26, but he found himself involved in an on track incident that forced him to the back of the field. He was able to make his way up to P25 before the checkered flag waived. For the 2nd straight day Cole found himself starting in a difficult position for the opening laps but was able to work his way up through the entire race and finish in P12 and come out of the weekend with 12th place overall points.

Cole will return to Palm Beach in a few weeks to test with DFR and his coach in order to prepare for the second round of the Tour with a goal to move into the top 10 in points before the end of the weekend. Cole’s next race is the 3rd and 4th rounds of the FWT Rotax weekend, February 25th-27th.

Cole would like to thank DeFrancesco Racing / SupertuneUSA who supported him this weekend along with his teammates Devlin Defrancesco, Lachlan Defrancesco, Dore Chaponick, Daniel Morad, Sebastien Coulston along with their tuners. In addition, special thanks to Andy DeFrancesco-Team Owner and Pam and Brian Heron, and especially his tuner and coach, Chris Wehrheim that helped Cole’s driving all weekend.

Cole is supported in 2011 by DeFrancesco Racing, Supertune USA, Rising Star Motorsports Development, Frozen Fire Films, Glasson Racing, Wayrock, Bell Racing, MyComm and Tyler Web Design. For more information on Cole Glasson or sponsorship opportunities, please visit his website www.coleglasson.com . Join Cole's Fan Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Cole-Glasson-Racing/286802299554 to follow all of his latest news.

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