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New Italian Motors USA Website


Italian Motors is excited about the launch of the new website www.italianmotorsusa.com. With the customer in mind, Italian Motors USA wants to make it easier for people to get the parts they want when they want them at a competitive price. With features including a streamlined item list, detailed parts pages, extensive engine documentation, and a simple checkout system, www.italianmotorsusa.com is the site that Claudio envisioned – a simple site with a simple way for karters to get what they want when they want it.

Italian Motors is constantly trying to improve customer service – the new website design is influenced with the retail customer in mind. When speaking with Claudio about the design of the new website, he remarked “Our customers want to be able to choose on-line, to view our innovative products, and find out who we are and how we operate”.

For a limited time, you can order online with the benefit of free shipping! Be sure to check out Italian Motors USA new website at www.italianmotorsusa.com.

Canadian customers can visit us at www.italianmotors.com

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