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KIC To Publish New Research White Paper


KIC To Publish New Research White Paper On Getting Performance Karting TV Coverage Through The New IPTV Network

Las Vegas, Nevada December 27, 2010 – As part of the organization’s role to build educational resources for its membership and the performance karting industry, the first research project for 2011 involves the challenge of getting broadcast quality TV coverage of karting events and the national distribution of the content to the consumer.

In countless conversations with racers and suppliers on how to grow the sport, the common thread is that there is not enough media coverage of performance karting and without it, getting new enthusiasts to try karting will continue to be an issue.

Kart Industry Council, executive director Ray Verhelst said “It’s no coincidence that we are tackling this topic at the beginning of the year with the largest Consumer Electronics Show in North America launching next week in our own backyard. The annual CES Show brings together more than 100,000 attendees to view more than 2 million square feet of the latest technology and trends for the coming year.”

According to Ray, one of the most important shifts in television is the migration to Internet based TV programming. “Virtually every TV manufacturer has released or is preparing to release new models that have Internet browser technology built right in. For older TVs, major players such as Google are developing software content management tools for set top boxes being produced by the likes of Logitech and Cisco that will allow consumers to switch seamlessly between their regular programming source and the Internet” he added.

This new distribution model bypasses the traditional local and cable channels and uses the Internet to deliver all types of programming direct to the consumer. Imagine that your large screen TV can now become the viewing source for YouTube videos, Netflix streaming movies and online programming options such as Hulu and many of the leading networks.

KIC has already set appointments during CES with a number of industry representatives including those from Google, SONY and NeuLion to get the details on this new content distribution model.

The performance karting community has not been able to crack the code to get broadcast quality coverage on major sports channels (cable or otherwise) and has had to rely on grassroots productions to deliver ¼ and ½ screen broadcasts through the Internet to small pockets of enthusiasts. “Because of this invisible barrier, it has been extremely hard to gain sponsorship and advertising support that can be measured like traditional ad sales” Verhelst added.

Knowing With The Enthusiast Wants

To add important statistical content on the viewing interests and habits of karting’s current enthusiast base, the KIC has launched a new online survey that asks questions on everything from how they connect to the Internet to when and how they watch videos about karting. This in-depth survey will allow industry members to look at what might be the best way to reach both existing and new customers in the future.

The survey will run all during the month of January and the results will be summarized in an article on the KIC website in February. The details will end up as part of the research paper which will be made available to the KIC membership.

To create an incentive to support the survey, KIC is working with its member iRacing.com to award 3 lucky participants each with a 3-month FREE subscription to iRacing.com, the premier online racing simulation site.

The survey link is: surveys.verticalresponse.com/a/show/768973/0976059509/0

With reports indicating that more than 40 million households will have their TVs connected to the Internet by 2012, this is will be a timely discussion and will ultimately become a topic at the annual KIC industry educational conference coming this fall. The published KIC report which will be available this February will look to uncover the true costs behind the new broadcast quality TV production and how to distribute performance karting content through this new medium.

Article Credit: kartindustrycouncil.org
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