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Team PSL Karting SuperNationals Report


Team PSL Karting attacked Superkarts! USA SuperNationals XIV with a massive effort a week ago as the fabled CRG squad prepped eighteen drivers from four countries at the biggest celebration of shifter karting on the planet. PSL then put a pair on the podium on Super Sunday, as both Fritz Leesmann and Emilio Padron finished second in S1 and G1 respectively. PSL had drivers in eight of eleven SuperNats classes, and was surely one of the busiest teams in the paddock.

“SuperNats is the best karting event in America,” said PSL President Dominic Labrecque. “It was too bad the Rotax finals were at the same time. If they can avoid a conflict, the event could have over 600 entries! And for me shifter karting has always been my passion, for sure. I come from a motocross background and the first kart I ever drove was a shifterkart.”

Labrecque also had kind words for his team, especially Leesmann, following the event. “Fritz was really fast in both classes, KZ and Moto,” he said afterward. “In KZ2 he was among the fastest from the first day on, but a gearing problem in qualifying hurt his weekend, then he got run over in the first heat and destroyed a chassis.”

The qualifying effort was ninth in the headlining class, but after a 14-6 through the first two heats, a DNF in the third led to P18 on the Super-Sunday grid. He finished in the same spot after rebounding from what was 25th through the first lap. S1 was a much different story though, as Leesmann was never far from the front of the field. He qualified third, finished the first heat in the same spot, then crossed second-second to maintain his starting spot of P3 on the final grid. After some dicing early on, Leesmann climbed back from fifth and took a comfortable second, winning $5,000 and the Superkarts! USA Pro Tour Championship in the process!

Brazilian Masters Champion Padron ran a similar weekend in G1, as after qualifying fourth he finished in the same spot through all three heats to qualify in third for the main event. He then slotted second through the opening stages of the final, and raced there flag to flag, fending off a fight in the closing laps.

A pair of TaG drivers produced larges charges for PSL on Sunday as both Jesse Lazare and AJ Whisler made major moves after advancing through Last Chance Qualifiers. After finishing third in the TaG Junior LCQ, Lazare stormed into the top ten on Sunday coming from P37, and Whisler was sixteenth in TaG Senior after finishing fourth in the LCQ and starting from P38!

Lazare was finding his groove in what was his first TaG experience, and after a 19th in heat one he crossed 5th and 3rd in heats two and three. He then lost the fifth to a DQ after a pipe flex issue, and was off to the LCQ. It was similar for veteran Whisler, as an 11th and 8th in heat action were paired with a DNF and it was off to the LCQ for him as well. Gerald Caseley was actually the most consistent through the heats among PSL TaG drivers with 7-12-8, but was thumped from the sharp end of the grid at the start of the main event. Full PSL results are listed below:

PSL Karting Results from Superkarts! USA SuperNationals XIV - Las Vegas

11. Felipe Fraga
13. Kel Treseder
18. Fritz Leesmann
24. Joao Goncalves
25. Bruno Melo

2. Fritz Leesmann
12. Keenan Schmitke

2. Emilio Padron
13. Antonio Canedo
21. Rui Loiola
34. Pedro Serrano

18. Sabre Cook
38. Reid Arnold

TaG Senior
16. AJ Whisler
29. Gerald Caseley
NF. Jon Tetreault

TaG Junior
9. Jesse Lazare

TaG Masters
19. Jose Franca

TaG Cadet
18. Austin Versteeg

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