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Vemme Kart Launches Website


“VemmeKart.com – Open and ready for business”

Article By: Race Tech Development

December 1, 2010 – With a successful campaign in the 2010 racing season, Vemme Kart officials have launched the new company website, www.VemmeKart.com. With the website being offered in both the English and Italian languages, VemmeKart.com looks to attract customers from all areas of the world as they begin to develop their dealership network.

“With different tracks and tire compounds, the Vemme Kart chassis is designed to suit that North American market.” expressed Vince Mandarino, father of 2005 Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) SuperNationals winner Lorenzo Mandarino. “We have worked hard with different caliber drivers on different platforms and made the necessary chassis design changes to generate a fast racing package. Now that we are happy with the products, we are working hard to do the necessary marketing and provide an area where potential customers can get information on our different models. We feel the best way to start this was with a new website.”

2010 saw the new chassis manufacturer claim multiple race wins and podiums in Western Canada as well as the International Karting Federation Region 6 program. Vemme Kart had their first big win in the Rotax Senior class with Stepanova Nakeel at the controls in the Gatorz Challenge of the Americas program.

The new website encompasses a neat and clean layout that allows users the ability to maneuver in and around the website with ease. Looking to provide users with as much information as possible, VemmeKart.com houses news and merchandise sections as well as in depth chassis information and tuning download tools. The website was constructed and designed by Tony Leone of SixSpeedPhotos.com.

Mandarino added, “I would like anyone and everyone to visit VemmeKart.com and let us know what you think. Also, we are deep in our planning stages for our 2011 program and race team, and will compete at multiple series and high profile events. Vemme Kart will look to make a name for itself in North America in 2011.”

Vemme Kart will look to develop its dealership and importer network around the world. VemmeKart.com, along with the help from their Canadian importer Checkered Flag Racing Ltd., is looking for a US importer to take over distribution south of the border. With a territory that includes all 50 states and a national level race team, the opportunities are endless. To contact Checkered Flag Racing and Vemme Kart, please contact 604.787.8831.

For additional information on the Vemme Kart line, race team or how to become the Vemme Kart importer or dealer, please contact Vemme Kart directly at www.VemmeKart.com.

Article Credit: Race Tech Development
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