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PARC to Carry "Exprit Kart"


11/24/2010. PARC (Pats Acres Racing Complex) would like to announce they are now the first US dealer for Exprit Kart. Exprit is the latest offering for OTK to stand side by side with Tonykart, FA Kart and Kosmic. The new karts and OTK Parts inventory has been ordered and will be in stock Mid to Late December. The Exprit line is a top line package with all magnesium components and the very latest OTK products. The Exprit is offered in all configurations from Cadet, KF2, KF3 and Shifters. For more info on the product please visit the Exprit Kart web site at www.expritkart.com/ for specification and pictures. Please contact PARC for pricing and availability. We are extremely pleased with this product offering and confident it will be very competitive in every condition. We will be testing in the kart immediately and will be getting ready for the new season. At this time we are looking at running the Exprit Kart at the January PGP event for the first time and possibly traveling to some Gatorz events to get fine tuned.

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