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Position 1 Fitness Announces New Training Site


Position 1 Fitness Announces Development of New Cutting Edge Online Training Site
Position 1 Fitness is officially announcing the development of its new cutting edge website. This website, scheduled for launch in 2011, will set the standard in motorsports specific fitness and nutrition. It will include features and technology that make it the first of its kind in the fitness industry. The website will allow motorsports athletes to access their fitness programs from anywhere in the world online. Athletes will have the ability to log into their personal page on the Position 1 website where they will have access to their fitness program, they can track results and will have the ability to download instructional videos for exercises from their program to an ipod/iphone, blackberry or other compatible electronic device. Programs will range from general motorsports fitness programs to 100% personalized programs developed through P1’s revolutionary analysis system. This website will break boundaries and allow all motorsports athletes access to programs and information with ease and at an affordable price. Become a fan of Position 1 Fitness on facebook to keep up to date on news and information regarding the new site.

P1 Offers Free 4 Week at Home Conditioning Program

Position 1 Fitness is offering a free 4 Week basic At Home Conditioning program. This program is only available to fans of Position 1 Fitness on facebook. To access the program visit the Position 1 Fitness facebook page at www.facebook.com/p1fitness, become a fan, click on the Free Workout tab and follow the instructions.

Position 1 Fitness specializes in cutting edge motorsports training, nutrition, supplementation and therapy products and services. Position 1 Fitness was founded in order to provide fitness, training & nutritional guidance at an affordable price to motorsports participants worldwide. Whether it be a weekend warrior or a professional, Position 1 Fitness has a program to fit any racer’s skill level, budget and area of motorsports .For more information on Position 1 Fitness products and services please visit www.p1-fitness.com . To receive weekly tips and information become a fan on facebook at www.facebook.com/p1fitness .

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