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Gold Rush Once Again Steals the Show in 2010


Article By: RaceMediaGroup.com
Photos By: RaceMediaGroup.com

In 2010 the Gold Rush once again impressed its customers handing out big money at the end of the series, but more importantly provided close racing with big fields to once again capture the show of Kart Racing in Northern California in just its 2nd year. Gold Rush Fever spread through the pits of Kinsmen Kart Club as Championships were on the line and the top talent of Norcal was poised to capture the Golden attention.

Kid Karts was the first class up for Championship honors and one driver Tomas Mejia came in with a Golden points lead on the field would just need a better then fair finish to capture. In the first heat trouble for Mejia ended his race early and he would need to start the main from last on the starting grid. Clayton Williams was the driver to beat as he would get out to a big lead early and would cruise to get the win. Mejia would hold on to get just enough points to be the Gold Rush Series Kid Kart Champion.

Coming into the final race in Jr 1 Comer MMI’s Curt Paul had a 5 point lead over Kartel Motorsport’s Jack von Quilich while Hunter Corbitt was 32 points back. On the start of the Final Corbitt was last on the grid and had to come through the field. As the checkered flew, Corbitt and Quilich came up tied in points while Corbitt added the excitement of making a great run from the back to pull within 2 points of the Lead. The tie breaker for Corbitt and Quilich went all the way down to the most third place finishes in the series which handed the Chmpionship in Jr Comer to Jack von Quilich. Bordogna’s Hunter Kelly had a dominating performance after receiving Prairie City’s Driver of the year award the previously to take the win.

HPV-1 was up and the Championship was all but done as Hunter Corbitt just needed to start to clinch the title. Cambrian Go-Kart’s Danny Rubino and Cambrian Go-Kart’s Garret Dixon were both battling for the second position in points while Young driver Gino Gigliotti was battling for his first win. The top three all battled back and forth for most of the race until Gigliotti took the lead for late to go on to the victory. Corbitt would get the championship and the top three would stay the same in the points.

HPV-2 had the closest points battle going into the last series race with the top three all separated by just 25 points. Leading Edge Motorsport’s Jarred Campbell had the lead by only five points over Kartel Motorsport’s Austin Elliott and would need to finish in front of him to clinch the title. Elliott came out of the box swinging with fast time in qualifying backed up with a heat race win. In the Final Elliott and GSR Race Kart’s Sonny Cervelli got out early for a big lead. Elliott clearly had the faster kart as his Top Kart machine rolled smoothly through the hairpin onto the straight. Cervelli stayed close to keep Austin honest as Elliott would get the win and the championship in the HPV-2 division.

In TAG Sr Kiersten Gee would get the race win while Andrew Columbini would get the series championship. 125 Stock Moto saw Jimmy Casey getting the race win while Jereme Abshire edged out Cambrian Go-Kart’s Chris Ouimet for the series championship. Tony Mangini won the 80 Sr championship Ryan Wakabayashi got the race win on his home track.

Sr Yamaha Pipe once again had a high Kart count and filled the fence line as the heavy hitters put on a show. Leading Edge Motorsport’s Brett Felkins jumped out to a quick lead but Anthony Snow would stay close. The two were so close on time Anthony couldn’t quite get the run needed to make a pass. Felkins would get the win and the championship in the Sr Yamaha Superpipe category.

In Tag Masters there was one driver that took everyone by surprise and that was Leading Edge Motorsport’s Randy Froom. Froom had swept the first four Gold Rush races winning and the healthy points lead heading into Dixon. Cambrian Go-Kart’s Bob Hurst pulled out the victory on his home track. Randy Froom came home in the 4th position and won the Championship. MMI’s Chuck Hasting captured the championship in 80 Masters while Roger Cornwall got the race win.

Last up was the popular Box Stock Clone category and MMI’s Kelsey Nilsson and MMI’s Rob Nasciemento were battling for points lead with Rob leading by 20 points. Jeff Nelson came to play to add to the excitement of the point’s battles coming down to the last race. Nilsson showed some strength early in the main and gave Nelson a run for the lead but as the race progressed Nelson had the kart to beat. Nelson got the win and Nilsson made up twenty points on Nasciemento to tie him in points. Rob Nasceiemnto would win the tie breaker with wins and be crowned the Champion. Brad Wunder won the World Formula Championship while Scott Smith won the F200 Championship.

The racing season has concluded in Northern California and the racers are now into their offseason. Many drivers will be heading to Las Vegas for Super Nationals while others will be testing through the winter to learn for 2011, but the real learning will happen in the classroom at the Kart Racing Dynamics Seminar happening January 8th in Roseville at the Orchid Suites where several Industry professionals will speak to the attendees about Kart Racing and how setup your kart to win races and a championship. Coverage from: Health and fitness to caster and camber to marketing your potential to find sponsors to help you get to the next level. More information about the Kart Racing Seminar is posted on the Official IKF Region 11 website www.NorcalKarters.com. For more information or for the series points visit www.NorcalKarters.com. For the series Photos visit scribnerracingpromotions.zenfolio.com/

Gold Rush Finale Results: (There is no Mylaps on this event due to computer lost all info)

HPV 2 Jr
1. Austin Elliott
2. Sonny Cervelli
3. Ashley Couch
4. Jarred Campbell
5. JR Raczko

Box Stock Clones
1. Jeff Nelson
2. Kelsey Nilsson
3. Ryan Casner
4. Butch Mitchell
5. Rob Nascimento

1. Brad Wunder

1. Scott Smith

Super Sportsman Light
1. Brett Felkins
2. Anthony Snow
3. David Vasquez
4. Jared Woolf
5. TJ Fischer

JR 1-2 Cycle
1. Hunter Kelly
2. Hunter Corbitt
3. Garrett Dixon
4. Scott Huffaker
5. Gino Gigliotti

Kid Karts
1. Clayton Williams
2. Stephon Daniel
3. Brandon Apodaca
4. Camilo Mejia
5. Santino Gigliotti

Tag Masters
1. Bob Hurst
2. Steve Stein
3. Chris Rossi
4. Randy Froom
5. Corey Mitchell

Stock Moto
1. Jimmy Casey
2. Justin Casey
3. Jereme Abshire
4. Rick Gutzke
5. Chris Ouimet

80 Masters
1. Roger Cornwall
2. Tony Brioso
3. Chuck Hastings
4. Geoff Provo
5. Darrel Dean

80 Sr
1. Ryan Wakabayashi
2. Tony Mangini
3. Josh Cole

Tag Sr
1. Kierstin Gee
2. Elijah Prychodzko
3. Cody Diede
4. Andrew Colombini
5. Troy Diede

1. Gino Gigliotti
2. Danny Rubino
3. Garrett Dixon
4. Justin Yanez
5. Hunter Corbitt

Article Credit: RaceMediaGroup.com
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