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Bobby Wilson, Returns to SuperNats with NOS Energy


When the top dogs roll on track this weekend at Superkarts! USA SuperNationals XIV, the sport will see the return of one of America’s best-ever shifter pilots paired with backing from an excited new partner in the kart racing realm: NOS Energy Drink. Bobby Wilson has done it all and then some in karting, including a trip to the SuperPro podium in the past, and while NOS has exciting programs in the likes of NASCAR, Indycar, drifting and rallying, this weekend will mark its first major effort in karting.

“NOS Energy has a pretty extensive racing program and felt that a presence at the SuperNationals would be a great addition,” said Wilson as his KZ2 effort began to assemble this week. “This is the ultimate in terms of karting exposure, and that paired with the track presence and professionalism of DeFrancesco Racing makes for a great partnership. This one’s for bragging rights going into next season for the regulars; plus big crowd, lots of publicity and the flash of Las Vegas - this one has it all!”

Karts have already been on track at the Rio, and the length of the event and its heat racing format are points that Wilson is definitely a fan of. “I haven’t been in a kart since the PRI show and before that was SuperNats last year when I subbed for another driver in KF2,” Wilson said while hedging his bets on prediction. “I found out I was racing just two days before we were on track, and had never driven a KF2 with its hand brakes and carb tuning - then I got driven over and it broke my spark plug!”

To say the least, he’s feeling much comfortable heading back to shifting gears this week. “A realistic goal given the circumstances is a top ten,” he said Tuesday from trackside. “This DFR/Intrepid/TechSav TM is a new package for me, but I’m confident in it. I did a half day on the chassis and it feels like a solid kart. It’s going to be a great weekend, and NOS has some exciting events planned as well. We’re all really looking forward to it.”

NOS Energy Drink will also have some race reports from SuperNationals XIV as the weekend progresses, and all are invited to stop by the DeFrancesco Racing pit at the Rio. For more information, visit drinknos.com, NOS Energy Drink and DeFrancesco Racing on Facebook.

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