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Blue Skies, Fast Racing Oct 17th at PGP


Beautiful weather and intense on-track battles highlighted the action at PGP Motorsports Park on Sunday, Oct. 17, as the premier multi-purpose racing venue in the Pacific Northwest helped regional drivers prepare for the 14th annual Superkarts!USA SuperNationals in Las Vegas.

More than 40 racers, many of them making their first visit to PGP, took to the purpose-built track, including the debut of four-stroke karts driven by Kevin and Nik Larson.

To help racers prepare for Las Vegas, the event was run in a clockwise direction -- just like SuperNationals -- and barriers were adjusted to give a more "street course" feel to PGP's state-of-the-art track to help drivers work on their sightlines.

Craig Sender edged Bruce McKean for the win in the Stock Moto Heavy class, which was combined with the Stock Moto Lights. Sender and McKean were the class of the field, while Brian Nixon, who was third in Heavy, had to fight off Light drivers Chuck Eaton and Jerrett Intrepid. Eaton finished first in the Light class with Intrepid runner-up after closing the gap in the final laps, and Ben Duclos third.

The battle for supremacy in the Rotax Junior category included Parker McKean, Joseph Schwager, Molly Helmuth (left to right, respectively in above photo taken by Mike Helmuth) and Tessa Daniells. The point position switched several times during the day, but McKean emerged victorious over Schwager in the final with Helmuth third.

Johnny Blair survived a four-driver battle to finish first overall the Rotax/TaG Senior group. Blair passed Kyle Byers late in the final event to earn the overall win and be the leading TaG pilot. Byers was the top Rotax driver in the group while Brittney Cusack (Rotax) and Paige Wallin (TaG) were also in the mix in the finale.

Seven female racers took part in the action on Oct. 17, with Jessica Dana (Rotax Senior), Erica Bawcutt (TaG Junior) and Madison Musch (Stock Moto Light) joining Helmuth, Daniells, Cusack and Wallin.

Although this event was originally billed as the opening round of the Stars of PGP Kart Fall & Winter series, because the competition was different from what customers have previously come to expect PGP owners Paul and Juli Zalud have decided to call that event a warm-up. Round 1 of the Kart Fall & Winter Series will be Sunday, Nov. 7 instead.

This event was streamed live on the web by eventbuilder.com and can be viewed "on demand" by following the link on PGP's website.

Article Credit: pacificgp.com
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