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Daytona Manufacturer’s Cup Entry Blank Now Online


The much-anticipated first entry blank of the new racing season is now online as the 2011 season has officially begun for the World Karting Association. Competitors, sponsors, and fans now get a first hand look at the new classes and time schedules for the latest edition of the Margay Sprint Championships at Daytona International Speedway for the George Kugler / Bridgestone Manufacturer’s Cup Series driven by Mazda.

New to the series will be the addition of the Yamaha Rookie Sportsman class, running a Final 1/Final 2 format for the race weekends. Additionally the TaG Class will revert back to a Final 1/Final 2 format with two separate championships being awarded at year’s end. To make room for the additional classes, the Yamaha Pipe class has been discontinued, with the Rotax class being absorbed by the TaG program. Both classes had been struggling by themselves with a low kart count.

Also new to 2011 is a ladder system to enter for the event. Competitors wishing to get a jump on the low prices for the season opener will have the ability to pay a set fee for entries and parking between now and November 11. From November 12 to December 10, which will be pre-entry cutoff, there will be a separate price for that time frame for both entries and parking. If you choose not to pre-enter, there will be a separate price for entries and parking at the track.

Due to an enormous expense incurred by WKA in 2010, a one time refundable fee will be charged to each competitor at Daytona to cover the expense of leftover tires and trash. Competitors utilizing a single space will be charged $50 while customers that have tents housing multiple competitors will pay $250. This is in an effort to ensure the organization does not get left with an insurmountable cleanup bill from the track through no fault of their own. Again, this is a 1 time refundable fee.

With regards to tires, competitors are requested to honor the 2010 Tire Program for Daytona, with a decision on the tire of choice to be made prior to the event, giving everyone plenty of time to make the appropriate changes, if necessary, in time for the season’s second race March 11-13 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina.

In comparison to many other sanctioned groups, it is fair to say the WKA Manuf. Cup prices are still fall far below their competitors’, given the level of competition racers compete against all season long. Please carefully read the entry blank as many options have changed for entry, practice and parking fees, making sure you have secured the proper payments based on the time you pre-enter.

Article Credit: World Karting Association
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