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USKN "Industry Insights" Northwest Gold Cup Conference:

We were recently approached by Michael Schorn and asked to assist in writing an article in preparation for the upcoming year end awards banquet, and Northwest Gold Cup Conference.

Mike is the current president of the Portland Karting Association, an IKF director, as well as a fellow racer. But beyond all that he’s one of those hard working dedicated katers who help make our sport special. So on the rare occasion he asks for a favor we do our best to oblige.

As it would turn out this time around however it was Mike who actually did us the favor. When his request came in, we here at US Karting News were in the process of pouring over a number of possible stories for our new and upcoming series “Industry Insights”. As is so often the case we were having some difficulty deciding on a particular story to go with. Mike’s request had two objectives in mind. First, he wished to provide racers with a brief background of the Gold Cup Conference giving them a sense of it’s history and purpose. And then, to explain the actual political process, how it works and what is achieved. Made perfect sense, right?

So, as we’re trying to figure out whether we should set it aside until we figured out the insights piece, or put it in front, it dawned on us “HEY, this is it”! Our first story for the new series! We’d kill two birds with one stone!

It met with our intended goals perfectly. That is to research organizations and businesses within the North American karting community and present the outcome to our readers in a brief, easy to read informational piece. We were in business!
What follows is an excerpt from the upcoming article, please read on and enjoy. “We hope to see all of you at the Banquet” !

The Northwest Gold Cup Conference, as it is known today is actually some four decades old dating back to the early seventies. It was originally known as the “Ti yee” and was formed at the time to provide competing tracks with a way to work together for the benefit of all. It seems that as new tracks came on line it became increasingly difficult to attract the existing number of racers to the multiple clubs and their scheduled races. It was felt that by creating a series and encouraging racers to engage in a modest amount of travel it would help support all the tracks while providing increased competition for the racers. (Sounds familiar eh..)
Over the years the internal processes of this Governing body have evolved, but the core mission remains the same:

Racing facilities working with one another to create a fair and engaging series that benefits all. Including of course the racers.

How is this accomplished?

Well, here are the nuts and bolts of it:
The Northwest Gold Cup Conference meets annually at the conclusion of the race season. Each of the member clubs, or facilitators are allowed to send four official delegates, each of the delegates have one vote. The task put before the conference is to discuss, nominate, and vote upon issues ranging from choosing Gold Cup coordinators, race structure and dates, classes, as well as rule sets for the upcoming season.

Any kart club or facilitator can become a member of the Gold Cup, they simply need to attend an annual conference, and follow the rules of order that have been established and agreed upon by the member clubs.

Currently member clubs are as follows:


Tri City Kart Club
Portland Karting Association
Spokane Kart Racing Assoc.
Puget Sound Go Kart Assoc.
Snake River Karters
Westwood Karters
Seattle Karting Club
West Caost Kart Club
Sumas International Motorsport Academy

Road Race

Puget Sound Road Race Assoc.
Westwood Karters Road Race
North West Road Racers
Portland Karting Association
Road Race

The first day of the conference this year will be held Saturday November 13th at 9am and will conclude for the day at 4:30pm. Day two will begin Sunday November 14th at 9am and run to conclusion.

One final note:

The Conference members encourage racers to attend these meetings so they may better understand the process. Also they advise you to make sure that your voice is heard by communicating with your club officials so that they have a better understanding of their own member’s needs.

Detailed information is provided below. For further information contact : Michael Schorn at

Official Notice:

Please join us celebrate crowning the
NW champions of 2010

We will be crowning the IKF Region 6/Gold Cup ROTAX Max Champions in Road Race and Sprint divisions at our annual banquet. There will be a guest speaker along with photographers and door prizes and special prizes for all those who qualify for year end awards.

Awards banquet will be held at
The Doubletree Guest Suites
16500 Southcenter Parkway, Seattle, WA.

For reservations call 206-575-8220 (no later than Nov 1). State you are with the NW Karting Conference or Gold Cup.
Room rates are: $89.00 +tax single or double
$99.00 + tax triple or quad

Buffet prices
ADULTS $38.00
To get your Dinner reservations please send check, money order made out to NW KARTING
Credit card info (Credit Card charges subject to 3% handling fee. Statement will read BAM Racing LLC. )
Care of: Debbie Hettick
5127 215th St. SE
Woodinville, WA 98072
dkhcountry@comcast.net 425-481-1315, or 206-229-1994
Dinner Reservations must be received by no later than November 11th

Article Credit: uskartingnews.com
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