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MRP-PBIR Fall Championship Series Race #2


MRP @ Palm Beach Int’l Raceway (PBIR) is gearing up for Race #2 of their four-race schedule to promote local karting as well as allow new karting participants to get their feet wet in a local racing series. The race is scheduled for October 23.

“We were recently notified that MRP-PBIR will be hosting a Florida Winter Tour (FWT) event in February. We hope that in addition to increasing participation of our local karting scene, that our race series will provide ample testing opportunities for all racers and teams interested in participating in the 2011 FWT,” said Rony Miron, MRP-PBIR Manager.

Gates open at 7:30 AM with registration opening at 8:00 AM. Practice Rounds will start at 9:00 AM with a full day of racing concluding at 5:00 PM. The four-race schedule includes one race each month with the final event of the fall series being held on December 4. Track configuration will be counter-clockwise, the same as the FWT will run in 2011.


Race #1: September 11th (counterclockwise)

Race #2: October 23rd (counterclockwise)

Race #3: November 20th** (counterclockwise)

Race #4: December 4th (counterclockwise)

** Subject to change due to major events at PBIR

“We will continue to offer consistent officiating for these events,” continued Miron. “We will have Glenn Biggs as Race Director, Billy Newburg as Head Flagger and several professional staffers on hand. We will also have a WKA and ROTAX Certified Tech Director on staff for tech inspections. ”

The class structure is as follows:

All Rotax classes -rules and regulations as per Rotax Max Challenge 2010 rule book.
Class weights:
1. Micro Max Age 7-10 235 lbs.

2. MiniMax Age: 9-12 265 lbs.

3. Junior Age: 13-16 320 lbs.

4. Senior Max Age: 15 & up 365 lbs.

5. Master Age: 16 & up 405 lbs.

6. DD-2 Age: 15 & up 385 lbs.

7. DD-2 Masters Age: 32 & up 415 lbs.

TAG Senior and Tag Masters (per WKA engine technical specs - weight 405 lbs.
ICC (385 lbs.) Stock Moto (395 lbs.) OEM components for stock Moto classes and homologated engine specs for ICC classes
Kid Kart class (per WKA with the engine claim rule by Tech Director or any competitor in the class Bridgestone YDL tires 1 set for the year
All classes will run MOJO tires unless specified above. Online registration will be open at www.racepbir.com under karting. Just a click and you go to registration. As this is an MRP at Palm Beach International Raceway Championship Series race, all Championship tire rules apply. All new MOJO tires must be purchased from MRP / CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES. Used tires may be run, as long as they have an MRP stamp. All used tires must be inspected and marked by Tech Director prior to qualifying. Any competitor found using tires other than described will be subject to disqualification.

For more information, be sure to visit www.RacePBIR.com, call 561-578-5641 or contact Rony Miron via email at rony@mrpmotorsport.com .

Article Credit: RacePBIR.com
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