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Seattle Karting Specialties Annoucement


Claudio Valiante of Italian Motors and Greg Garner of Seattle Karting Specialties have announced the reorganization of Seattle Karting Specialties, Italkart’s original US dealership. While Italian Motors is noted for its quality products and services, as well as a history of nationally ranked drivers, it has been instrumental in the establishment and operation of Seattle Karting Specialties over its ten plus years in the Northwest.

With the full transfer of interest from Italian Motors Garner, with the assistance of his son Jeff, will assume full responsibility for the operation of Seattle Karting and will continue to support local club racing in the Puget Sound Area and Regional events throughout Washington, Oregon, and Southern British Columbia. “We believe continuing to provide quality products, parts, and service throughout the region will move Seattle Karting forward towards a larger market share. Additional opportunities are always a consideration but only as a compliment to our existing programs. We are looking to increase participation in the sport by providing an enjoyable experience for those just entering the sport as well as those already involved,” Garner stated.

Seattle Karting Specialties is a supplier of performance racing karts, parts, and accessories as well as providing ongoing service to racing needs of its client base. Seattle Karting has established an ongoing and onsite presence in local and regional racing series in the Pacific Northwest since 1999..

Article Credit: Seattle Karting Specialties
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