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Tuner Challenge Race Announced at CKI’s Finale


Tuners are the unsung heros of karting’s greatest drivers. They perform their magic behind the scenes, rarely getting a chance to lay down a few laps of their own. They are kept hidden under dimly lit tents, only being let out to fight for space along the cold, sharp edges of pit lane’s chain link fence. Their only recognition comes in the shadow of victory’s glow when their driver ascends the podium at the end of a long, hard weekend. Well, that’s all about to change this October…

Championship Karting International and Karting Ventures have teamed up to create the CKI Tuner Challenge – a racing tournament specifically designed for tuners and mechanics, to be held on Friday night of the 2010 CKI Grand Finale at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The ‘Challenge’ will utilize Karting Ventures’ fleet of Sport Karts (featured in the overnight Machismo 500 endurance race) and will take place Friday night, October 22nd, following a full day of open practice for this year’s CKI event.

The 2009 edition of the Tuner Challenge was run just down the road at the Rio Hotel and Casino with a full field of 64 drivers entered to compete. With a large number of former karting champions in the field, the affair quickly turned into more of an All-Star race. In the end it was karter-turned-tuner, Chris Wehrheim, who took home the trophy after an absolutely dominant performance.

The Tuner Challenge is open to any tuner or mechanic planning to attend the 2010 CKI Grand Finale and will be open to the first 48 pre-entrants. The format will feature four heat races of 12 drivers each with the top 6 from each heat advancing to a pre-final. Two pre-finals will be held, each with 12 drivers, where the top six from each race will advance to the finale. The finale will be a winner-take-all sprint race to crown the top tuner in the U.S.A. The cost to enter the challenge - $100. The experience of racing in it – priceless.

“Last year we had a lot of interest from tuners and mechanics who wanted to race in the Machismo 500, but were unable because of their work commitments,” states Rob Niles, Karting Ventures President and event co-founder. “That lead us to create the Tuner Challenge, as a way for tuners to have some fun on the track, not to mention get some valuable seat time early in the event to help their drivers.”

Entries are being accepted for the Tuner Challenge and are limited to the first 48 registrants. There is also limited space still available in the Machismo 500 in both the Sport and Pro Classes. For information on either program, or to register, please contact Brad Packard at 951-241-3872 or brad@calspeedkarting.com

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