PGP LO206 Winter Racing


PIR Road Race October 2nd!


PIR Road Race & Mike Schorn Memorial Event

In memory of Mike's life up to this point Hegar Mfg and others will be offering a "celebration of life" keg "O" beer after the conclusion of all racing. 50 isn't the end of it all, it's a brand new beginning! Cheer up old man, have one on us!

Oh boy its looking to be some double low down great weather for Saturday. I am itchin to get on the track with the chicane.
I will not however be able to run the Rotax since I sold it. Darn, I wanted to give the Rotax boys and girls some competition. Maybe someone will loan me a Rotax so I can play with them.

Man its gonna be a great weekend.

Lots of JR 1 and 2 racers coming out for the event. If you have a Jr1 or Jr 2 racer who would like to try road racing this is the perfect event.

The weather is going to be awesome and the Plantation group is calling on all the fellow World Formula drivers for the October


We dont' want to forget all of our other great racers.

Dyers Flyers
Stock and modified Honda Shifter Drivers
Super fast Unlimiteds
The Faithful KT Laydowns
And the popular TAG/ Rotax groups

Hey do you have something different to run don't worry we'll find you a place to get on the track and have a blast.

Call your buddies get them to bring their karts out and have some fun with us.
We will have beverages for young and old after the event.

This is a PKA event not to miss!

Article Credit: Kart-O-Rama Inc
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