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Kingsley Brothers Find PGP Perfect Place to Race


Two brothers, two different types of motorsports, but PGP Motorsports Park is the one track for both.

Big brother is Adam Kingsley, 31, who enjoys car lapping days and the Lap Attack Series at PGP. Nineteen-year-old Cameron Kingsley, the younger brother, races karts in the Stock Moto Light class in the Stars of PGP Series.

"My dad and brother told me about PGP being built, they were karting and anxiously waiting for it to open," said Adam about the region's premier multipurpose motorsports venue. "When it opened Cameron did a couple races there and I remember thinking at the time how great it would be if they let cars in. Then I heard about the lapping days and I was ecstatic."

Adam has been an estimator for ABW Technologies in Arlington, Wash., for the past six years, about four years longer than he's been married to Shae Kingsley. He owns two Mazda Miatas, one he calls his "track-day toy" and other is his daily drive.

Although he's done some karting in the past, Rotax Max Challenge and Stock Honda Shifter as well as rental karts at PGP, Adam prefers the format of the Lap Attack series, where the rules are simple -- there are just three classes: front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) -- but the challenge is great because it takes a lot more than a heavy foot or big engine to drive fast around PGP.

Being smooth with the wheel, finding the right line and braking points, and knowing the limits of your vehicle are critical ingredients to turning a fast lap around PGP's .82-mile 14-turn circuit.

"The Miata goes up against some high-horsepower cars in my class. It's fun going head-to-head with a car that on paper should annihilate you," said Adam. "I might not have that much horsepower, but I try to do the most with what I've got.

"The lack of any class structure other than what wheels are powered is challenging because I don't have the fastest car out there," Adam continued. "I enjoy not having any rules because it allows me to modify my car however I want which is something I really enjoy doing. PGP gives me the perfect opportunity to improve both my tuning skills and my driving skills all in one which is just what I needed".

Adam's interest in racing cars dates to getting his driver's license at 16, and during a five-year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps he entered an autocross event while stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif., that he said "got me into the car side of motorsports. While I was doing that in California, my brother and dad got into karting."

The influence of dad Mike Kinglsey in their racing is a common theme for the brothers. Mike Kingsley, who also works at ABW as director of quality, took his oldest son -- the first child of Jeanette, who passed away last year, and Mike is daughter Sara Johnson -- off-road racing in jeeps and four-wheel drive trucks and Adam also did some motocross and dirt bike racing.

Cameron's involvement in karting dates to seeing the kart of a friend's brother about six years ago. After seeing the kart in action, Cameron wanted one of his own to race and Mike Kingsley obliged by buying him one.

A student at the University of Washington while living in Seattle with longtime girlfriend Katelyn Kenney, Cameron is pursuing a double major of Architecture and Construction Management, saying: "I like the idea of a building coming out of my head, creating something permanent out of just an idea."

After racing Rotax karts for several years, Cameron moved into shifters about three years ago, saying the shifter fits his style better and is easier to drive. "And they're a lot faster," Cameron added with a small laugh.

With his father's encouragement and support, Cameron said he has raced karts all over the country, including Las Vegas, California, Wisconsin, Michigan and "every track in the state of Washington." Even though he's raced at some of the best karting tracks in the nation, Cameron's favorite is much closer to home.

"PGP is hands down the best track I've ever raced at," he said. "It's a combination of being brand new and the track layout is just so fun and challenging. It takes a lot of practice to be good at PGP."

Like his brother, Cameron plans on racing being a part of his life for the foreseeable future. If not karts, he said, perhaps he'll join his brother and try racing his car, Subaru Impreza WRX. Cameron attended an automobile road racing school, calling it one of the best racing classes he's ever sat in on.

Adam would welcome his younger brother joining the circle of drivers taking part in PGP's car lapping days. It may be a smaller group than the karters, but Adam said the car lappers have grown close, and he counts many as good friends.

They bench race and brag about their laps without any "animosity among the drivers," Adam said. "You're getting the racing adrenaline out of your system without the expense of risking your car or someone else's."

Besides the group camaraderie, Adam believes the drivers taking part in PGP's car lapping program are improving their skills as racers and everyday drivers.

"You can't get a much better, safer environment to learn how to drive your car than PGP," said Adam. "Either starting in a rental kart or your own car, it's a great, great time. Anyone's driving will improve 10-fold."

Two brothers, two types of motorsports, one track: PGP Motorsports Park. Even though Adam and Cameron Kingsley use different vehicles to pursue their racing hobby, both achieve the same result, succinctly summed up by the elder brother:

"I sure have fun lapping on that kart track."


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