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Pugh, Kemp: Stars of Supermoto Finale


Fierce battles were the order of the day as the inaugural run of PGP Motorsports Parks' Stars of SuperMoto Series wrapped up on Sunday, Sept. 19, with the two-wheel racers getting to race in the wet for the first time.

"PGP has been very fortunate with weather throughout the year and this event was the first one that we were not able to utilize the dirt section," said track owner Paul Zalud, who mixed it up with Tyler Sandell of Seattle in the Unlimited and 35+/Vet classes. "The rain didn't put a damper on the day of racing and we were treated to great battles throughout the day."

PGP regular Ryan Pugh took home an armful of hardware for winning the overall championships and Sunday's main events in the 450, Unlimited and 35+/Vet classes, but the 34-year-old Puyallup, Wash., resident faced stiff competition from 17-year-old Andy DiBrino of Tualatin, Ore.

DiBrino won the 250/400 class in convincing fashion, then he held off Pugh until the final lap of the Unlimited finale. The Oregon teenager, racing at PGP and in the wet for the first time, also finished as runner-up in the 450 feature, giving him three podiums on the day.

Another young rider, 11-year-old Blake Deilke of Langley, Wash., also had a big day. Deilke went 3-for-3 on podium finishes Sunday, winning the Mini and Open Amateur class feature races and picking up a trophy in the 250/400 class.

Although they didn't get to race on the dirt section of the course, SuperMoto regulars and newcomers alike found out what their karting and drifting peers already knew about PGP: racing in the wet is not only fun, but it adds an extra dimension to the competition. With a racing surface designed and engineered specifically for Northwest weather and more than two miles of drainage, there was no standing water on PGP's .82-mile circuit, making a lap challenging but very manageable.

"We're a wet-weather friendly facility, so rain shouldn't deter anyone racing at PGP on bikes," said Zalud. "The surface is very friendly for wet-weather riding and produces very good adhesion no matter how wet it got -- and we got pretty wet on Sunday." SuperMoto riders will likely get more chances to experience racing in the wet at PGP as the new Stars of Motorsport Series starting Nov. 19 will include two bike classes in addition to cars and karts. All three disciplines will race on the same day, giving all of PGP's drivers the chance to experience the full range of racing available at the state-of-the-art venue.

PGP regular Dave Kemp also collected a shelf-full of trophies on Sunday, with second-place overall finishes in the 450, Unlimited and 35+/Vet classes, as well as a runner-up in the 35+/Vet and third-place in the Unlimited features. Gary Pugh joined his son Ryan Pugh on the podium after the Unlimited and 35+/Vet features, and he placed third overall in the championship standings for those classes.

Jesse Elliot wrapped up the championship in the 250/400 class and added a third-place in the Open Amateur. Jim Martin was first overall in Mini/SM Jr./BBR and second in 250/400. Matt McDonald rounded out the top-three in the 250/400 standings, with Mike Redling finishing second in Open Amateur and third in the Mini/SM Jr./BBR classes.

Sam Roher was first overall in Open Amateur and Trevor Stroh second in Mini/SM Jr./BBR. The Scooter championship went to Brian Noji with Brad Coates as runner-up and Jake Hewig was first overall in the Pee Wee class followed by Kyle Hewig.


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