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Attack at the MAC ! Gold Cup Rd 7 Report


Round 7 of the 2010 Northwest Gold Cup Series

Article by: Northwest Karting News

Just 38 miles south of downtown Portland, on the busy route 99west lies the historic city of McMinnville, Oregon. First founded in 1876 this proud city of 26,000 would form the backdrop for round 7 of the 2010 NW Gold Cup/ Rotax Max Challenge series. The “Mac Track” as it is known is operated by the Portland Karting Association, where it’s 14 turn 6/10 mile long circuit is situated within the quiet and peaceful confines of the Yamhill County Fairgrounds. This past Friday however, there was nothing quiet or peaceful taking place as racers took to the track for their first practice session.

When attending a race at “The Mac” for the first time, one is immediately struck by the shear speed of this place. Particularly into and through turn one, it’s stunning. Arguably the fastest turn we region 6 racers face here in the Northwest, it’s claimed many a victim over the years. This weekend unfortunately would be no exception as several racers fell prey to the temptations of passing in this wicked turn. When medical assistance was needed it was reassuring to witness the swift response of both track workers, and the on site medical crews (ambulance included). Kudos to PKA, Bam Racing, and the on site EMT’s.

The weather: Great, Sun with some clouds all weekend.

The track: In a word “Fast”! Passing opportunities: Excellent.

The Racing: Fast and furious all weekend; real excitement !

Michael Valiante would start off the weekend putting his Italkart on pole with a fast lap of 39.84. Valiante, would however have to earn the victory in heat 2 starting from the back after a dq in heat 1. The main would find Valiante and Ruscitti on row one with Blair and Hargrove row two, Wagner row 3. Ruscitti took the lead coming out of one with Valiante right behind. Hargrove would break lap one and surrender the fourth spot to Wagner. Valiante spent the next 12 laps working to overtake Ruscitti, with just two to go the task was accomplished. At the checkered it was Valiante, Ruscitti, Blair, and Wagner.

IAME Leopard 3:
Artie Carpenter was the driver to beat in IAME Leopard Jr qualifying with a fast lap of 40.08. As a disappointed Kailia Walter would find herself out of the race due to motor problems, it was Paige Wallin who was on a role making her way up to second by the end of Heat one. Heat two would not go so well for Wallin, as she and another driver got together in turn one lap two. The race was red flagged immediately while medical crews assisted Wallin. When the main was finally run for this class it was a very determined Paige Wallin who would return to claim the third spot behind Laithwite who would take the checkered in second behind Carpenter who had problems of his own finishing the final lap with a broken exhaust *(this mechanical failure is subject to review). McCalister would take the fourth spot , with Behar rounding out the top five.

Briggs World Formula Med/ Masters:
Starting off the weekend for the Briggs World Formula class was Joseph Criscione with a fast lap of 43.80. The battle throughout the weekend in this class was between Austin Moon and Daniel Cahill for the second spot, as Scott Barlee and Chris Hatch would battle further back for fourth. By the end of Heat one on Sunday it was Cahill who was able to hold the second spot right behind Criscione. And while it seemed that Criscione had everything all wrapped up, the 00 found himself out of the race on lap 9, which gave Cahill and Moon a chance to fight for first. In the end it was Moon who was able to make the pass and hang onto first, with Cahill in second. Meanwhile Kadjy who was on a roll was able to get past Barlee and Hatch up to third, Barlee in fourth, and Hatch rounding out the top five.

Jr 1 Briggs Gas Animal Hvy:
Sunday would find Sting Ray Robb on pole with a fast lap of 44.69. Sting Ray and Brittney Zamora would go back and forth yet again throughout the weekend with Justin Demars and Kyle Adams never far behind. In the end it was Sting Ray who would prove to be consistent holding onto the win, with Zamora right behind in second, Demars in third, Adams in fourth, and Gulik rounding out the top five.

Jr 2 Briggs Gas Animal Hvy:
What a weekend of talented racing it was for the Jr 2 Briggs, with Myles Pederson setting the pace with a fast time of 44.85. The top five drivers would go back and forth all within inches of each other right up until the very end. With Pederson leading the most laps throughout Heats one and two, it was Nicole Behar, Hailey Groff, Nik Ferguson, and Michael Gutenberger who each took their shot at the lead spot, while moving up and down the field. While Pederson would hold onto the lead throughout the main event, it was Behar who would fight to hold onto second, and she did just that. Pederson took home the win, with Behar in second, Gutenberger in third, Ferguson in fourth, and Groff in fifth.

Rotax Junior:
To no one’s surprise this weekend it was Mathew Moniz who would put his kart on pole with fast lap of 39.67. Moniz would lead the pack throughout the weekend as Kyle Byers and Austin Hudson were never far behind. This time around Byers and Hudson were on a mission and that was to catch the very fast Moniz. Throughout Heat two it was Luke Selliken and Alec Bergstrom who would start to make their way to the front as they went back and forth fighting for their positions while catching up to Artie Carpenter who was running fourth. On the start of the main event it was Carpenter who would make his move on Byers for the second spot, putting Byers to third. Meanwhile a fight was developing for fourth between Hudson, Selliken, and Bergstrom. These three would fight it out until the very end making their moves down on the inside of turn six and in turn one. In the end, Moniz would take the win, followed by Carpenter in second, Byers in third, Hudson in fourth, and Selliken rounding out the top five.

Micro Max/ Gazelle:
The weekend would begin in Micro Max/ Gazelle with Job Kandris qualifying on pole for Gazelle with a fast lap of 45.32, and Seth Appel qualifying on pole in Micro Max with a fast lap of 45.71. With Kandris leading Sara Brinkac throughout the weekend in Gazelle, it was Appel who would stay consistent in leading the Micro Max pack. While Kandris and Brinkac held their one, two spots through the main event, Appel and Edward Portz(cmc) would tangle on lap five down in turn six allowing the rest of the field to go by; putting Mason Morgan in the lead. This incident would force a very determined Appel to make his way back to the lead spot with Portz(cmc) following close behind. After a very impressive run, Appel made his way back up to first for the win, with Morgan holding onto second, Portz(cmc) in third, Nino in fourth, and Wick rounding out the top five.

Mini Max:
Saturday would find Kyle Wick putting his kart on pole with a fast time of 41.84. Throughout the weekend the battle here would be between Sting Ray Robb and Jake Preston for the lead. It was Preston who would get by Wick early on in Heat one for the lead while Sting Ray would make a great run up to second. Sting Ray and Preston would continue to battle through Heat two while Kyle Wick and Marco Eakins would stay consistent holding onto the third and fourth spots. With Sting Ray taking the win for Heat two, the game was on going into the main event. Again Sting Ray and Preston would battle it out for the lead in the main event making their moves on the inside of turn six and turn one. In the end it was Preston who would take home the win, followed by Sting Ray in second, Wick in third, Eakins fourth, and Kandris rounding out the top five.

Rotax Senior:
Oregon has produced some of Rotax racing’s best drivers over the years, so when you come here to race you never know who may drop in. This weekend it was 2009 National Champion Phillip Arscott, along with veteran Tony Kart pilot Geoffrey Roberti. Together with Bryce Choquer it was shaping up to be an all-star shoot out. Choquer would draw first blood by putting his kart on pole with a fast time of 39.91. In Heat one it was Phillip Arscott however who would make his move on Choquer early taking the lead, leaving Choquer and Roberti to battle for second the rest of the weekend. Meanwhile the battle for fourth would be between Kory Estell and Darrin Ward with Aaron Bizier never far behind. In the end it was Arscott who would take home the win, followed by Roberti in second, Choquer third, Ward fourth, and Estell rounding out the top five. It was determined after the race that Roberti had passed Choquer while under a full course yellow, therefore the second spot was awarded to Choquer with Roberti set back to third.

Starting off the weekend for the Shifters was Remo Ruscitti who would qualify on pole with a fast time of 39.06. While Michael Valiante would work to hunt down Ruscitti for the lead, it was David Jurca and Scott Hargrove who would battle for the third spot throughout the weekend. Through the main event, Ruscitti held onto a solid lead over the rest of the pack, as Hargrove, Valiante, and Jurca would go back and forth fighting for third. In the end Ruscitti took home the win, followed by Hargrove in second, Valiante in third, Jurca fourth, and Halcrow rounding out the top five.

That’s a wrap for Gold Cup Rd 7. Northwest Karting News would like to give a big “Thank You” to all the teams that came out to MAC and brought their A game, what a great weekend of racing it was. Hope to see everyone in Boise ID for Gold Cup Rd 8, hosted by the Snake River Karters!

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Article Credit: NWKnews
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