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Kids Racing For Kids Charity at the Rotax Pan Am


The Rotax Pan American Challenge is pleased to announce that it raised $2,363 in association with Kids Racing for Kids (KRFK) for the local CASA www.casaforchildren.org. Special thanks to DeFrancesco Racing and their staff for their generous contribution to the effort. Kids Racing for Kids is a foundation established to help give back to kids that are less fortunate and in an abusive situation. The 2010 campaign is organized by Cole Glasson Racing and is doing events in conjunction with the Rotax Pan American and Southwest Regional Cup for 2010. They are also doing an endurance fundraiser over the course of the next several months which can be found at www.coleglasson.com/pagepics/krfk_pr_2010_2011_fundraiser.pdf

It is not too late to donate to Kids Racing for Kids. You may click on this link to give your tax deductible donation to KRFK at any point:


We encourage you to get involved at the next event as our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000 for the local CASA organizations for the 2010 race year. YTD we have raised over $6500. If you want to donate at the track or become a member, you may see Tim Glasson under the DFR/ Supertune Racing tent during the events or contact 214-287-0432.

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