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PGP Takes Drifting to a New Level


How do you make drifting, where drivers compete by putting their cars into tire-smoking slides at high speed while negotiating a marked course, even more exciting than it already is? How about PGP Wars Episode I: The Tandem Menace?

Start by splitting 30 of the best drifters in the Pacific Northwest into 10 teams of three drivers, and then have each team compete by putting all three cars on PGP’s state-of-the art .82-mile asphalt track at the same time, driving together in synchronization.

“It will be the first Washington Team Tandem event, with teams vying for elite prizes, bragging rights and just fun,” said Rob Primozich, a Formula Drift Pro-Am driver from Anacortes, Wash., who helped coordinate the event. “It will be an epic event in the shine or even rain, as the last event at PGP (on Aug. 7) proved how much fun a torrential downpour can be.”

Along with the unbelievable sight of three cars making simultaneous moves around the region’s premier multi-purpose motorsports venue, fans will be treated to live music performed by Fifth Wall, a Seattle blues/indie/rock group, as well as concessions, car and vendor displays, and a beer garden for spectators over 21. Admission is $15; gates open at 3 p.m. with drifting at 4 p.m.

Drifting has been compared to freestyle skiing or figure skating, sports where both showmanship and completing required technical elements are important to winning. Drivers must stay on a predetermined line — changing direction where necessary — while maintaining their slide, or drift, and trying to get as close as possible to preset points.

Fans attending Saturday’s event will have no trouble following the action as PGP is set within a valley where 1.8 million cubic yards of earth were removed, dropping 20 acres by 50 feet and creating a true velodrome where spectators look down on every corner — meaning every seat at PGP, one of the “Best Destinations” in the 2010 KING 5 Evening Magazine Best of Western Washington contest, is the best in the house.

The previous Stars of Drift event at PGP on Aug. 7 was the first held in the rain, and the 28 drivers who took part found drifting in wet conditions to be challenging and a whole lot of fun, as the photo by Brandon Thai at left shows.

Formula Drift started seven years ago as the first professional drifting series in North America, and its professional and Pro-Am drivers compete in events throughout the United States including at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Wash. Drifting originated in Japan more than 15 years ago and is now one of that country’s most-attended motorsports. The freestyle nature of drifting helped fuel a worldwide explosion in popularity and there are now professional and amateur drifting series in Europe, North America, Australia and other parts of Asia.

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