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Article By: Terry Bridges-Pro Sound Audio Services

Race #7 started off very sultry, but that did not stop the 57 racers that braved the 95 degree temps from providing yet another great showing for Oregon State Karting Championship Series....They should All be commended for braving the heat and putting on a heck of a show and supporting the cause....Kart Racing! Here are the results for Sundays 7th event in the series held at the Pat’s Acres Racing Complex…….

**KID KARTS: 1-Jacob Hudson, 2-Cameron Raymond, 3-Summer Melahn, 4-Carson Norris, 5- Lexi Koenig, 6-Zach Franzke, 7-Wyatt Elmer, 8-Alan Moody.
**=Not in exact finishing order.

Race Notes: In one of the largest turnouts of the year, 8 very fine racers did a fantastic job competing in their qualifying, pre-final, and feature events. The beauty of this class is that there are no recorded winners and each racer can go at their own learning pace without pressure but with a TON of encouragement…This kids will all be better for this experience and were all very good sports…CONGRATS to ALL the kid kart drivers!!!!

TAG CADET: 1- Hunter Mehlahn 55.561.

Race Notes: Hunter Melahn did not let the absence of competitors dampen his spirits and went to continue to improve as he battled Justin DeMars all day and battled his way to the win….This young guy is going to be quality race car driver…Keep your eye out for the #67 you will be seeing a lot of young racer in the future.

JR1 ANIMAL MEDIUM: 1- Justin “the Bandit” DeMars, 54.825, 2- Tyler Besuyen 56.881, 3- Andy Anderson 57.256, 4- Jacob Gulick 56.939.

Race Notes: Nobody had ANYTHING for DeMars who set fast time and swept for the day…It was a great day for Karting as Andy Anderson returned to competition and was fourth quick and took home third in the feature…a very much improved Tyler Besuyen debuted a brand new Swiss Hutless chassis package and battled Anderson most of the day took home pair of deuce’s as he qualified second and out battled Anderson to finish second in the feature…Jacob Gulick’s day started off well with a third quick qualifying effort, but problems in the pre-final relegated Gulick to the the fourth spot behind Besuyen and Anderson.

ROTAX MINI*MAX: 1- Marco Eakins 50.870, 2- Brady Egger 52.318.

Race Notes: It was the hard working Marco Eakins taking the win after Brady Egger had his exhaust system break early in the pre-final….All eyes were on this one wanting to see how this would play out after Eggers big feature win in Colorado just a week earlier, Eakins who has been a solid runner in the NW Gold Cup/Rotax Challenge Series cruised on and used most of the pre-final and the feature as “Tuning time” on his brand new Tony Kart Chassis package as the NW Gold Cup stops next weekend in McMinnville….Egger will be on his way North to Kent, WA to compete in the I-5 corridor series as races 5 & 6 are being held at the heralded Pacific Raceway (PGP).

ROTAX / TAG JR: 1- Luke Selliken 48.673, 2-Joseph Schwager 49.020, 3- Dalton Egger 48.899, 4- Austin Hudson 48.811, 5- Laura Freeman 49.988 (5th overall, 1st in TAG JR)

Race Notes: Luke Selliken let EVERYBODY know that he is not to be taken lightly as he set fast time and swept both the pre-final and the feature event in impressive fashion…The soft spoken Selliken has been competing in the NW Gold Cup/Rotax Challenge Series in 2010 and is becoming one of the names that you have to mention when talking about the series…Joseph Schwager who was far and away the most improved and one of the hottest drivers in the second half of the NW Gold Cup/Rotax Challenge Series in 2009, struggled a bit early qualifying fourth quick but it was tune up man Aaron Neliten (who in my opinion is one of the most under rated tuners here in the NW) giving driver Schwager enough to snare the runner up spot… Austin Hudson who was Second Quick and third in the feature is also an “up and comer” that is quietly making a name for himself as well…..Dalton Egger who after having some less than helpful calls keeping him at bay after being one of if not THE guy to beat in Colorado last week, started off well qualifying just a tick off Hudson’s off pole effort had a “hard headed”chassis putting him in the Fourth spot …Laura Freeman had one of her best drives of the year…finishing fifth behind Egger overall, and winning TAG JR.

ROTAX MAX INTERNATIONAL & MASTERS: 1- Ben Namura 48.127, 2- Mark Draghiescu 49.190, 3- Darren Ward 49.097, 4- Skyler Benoit 49.774, 5- Tim Griffin 48.843

Race Notes: Nobody had ANYTHING for Ben Namura who showed up after being on a college leave of absence…Namura was flawless as he set fast time and was untouched in the pre-final and feature…Mark Draghiescu came was solid all day qualifying fourth quick and finishing in the runner up spot….Darren Ward had a triple/triple as he qualified third and finished third…Skyler Benoit who also had a tough go in Colorado a week ago qualified seventh quick but regrouped and brought his Hammer Nutrition machine to fourth in the feature…Tim Griffin qualified second quick but only could muster fifth in the feature as the “9 finger Racing Team had high hopes going in to the event…watch for him…he can wheel….other notables Dan Thayer was sixth overall and first in the Masters followed by Lee Taylor 7th/2nd, Hotshoe Mike Daniels 8th/3rd, no luck Alex Harrold 9th/4th, and Jamie Elmer 10th/5th.

JR2 WORLD FORMULA & SR WORLD FORMULA HVY: JR2: 1- Joe Crisione 53.128, 2- Grant Heizenrader 53.697, 3- Max Mulkey 53.532, 4- Jonathan Brown 56.142, 5- Nick Ferguson 55.052, 6- Ryan “the Razor” Gillette. SR WF: 1- Bryan Green 54.352, 2- Greg Normandin 54.542, 3- Steve King 54.505, 4- Ryan Kiste 55.588, 5- Greg Wick-DNQ, 6- Chris Hatch 54.722

Race Notes: Joe Crisione (running an engine on loan from Nick Ferguson) dominated all day…with the exception of one scare in the pre-final from off pole sitter Max Mulkey..Crisione can roll, will be interesting to see how he performs this weekend in McMinnville…Mulkey qualified second quick was solid, but needs more of the killer, put em’ away instinct and some seat time as he is still working on getting his new chassis package broken in to his liking, he finished 3rd behind Heizenrader, who is a hard working newcomer and was on a new Chassis as well…so his performance (2nd) in the feature was solid considering he had only driven the kart a few hours….Jonathan Brown finished 4th…this kid is amazing and what he does to continue to go racing is nothing short of awesome…Brown just needs to decided if he is totally serious and committed or if he just wants to have fun….Nick Furguson finished 5th and has struggled in several races this year trying to find a handle on the chassis that will let him use his hard charging skills…Ryan Gillett left early after breaking an engine on the first lap of heat race 1.

Sr. WF Race Notes: It appeared that Bryan Green had found his “Mojo” again setting fast time and winning the first heat…Chris Hatch newly crowned IKF GrandNational Champion took the pre-final & it looked as though he might be on his way to another victory after setting on the pole for the feature, but broken exhaust header at just over the ½ way point ended those chances as he was mechanically blag flagged allowing the veteran Green to earn a well needed victory to end his winless dry spell. Steve King was also in fine form as he was second quick in qualifying and finished a strong 3rd in the feature…Greg Normandin qualified 3rd quick and finished in the runner-up spot behind Green…and Ryan Kiste who qualified 5th quick, just behind Hatch drove his #435 to a fourth place finish…Gregg Wick’s day started off tough as he did not qualify, but the relentless racer and quality competitor stuck with it and ended up finishing in the 6th spot.

SUPERSPORT 200 “CLONES” LT: 1- Wayne Felch 55.410, 2- Austin Felch 57.064, 3- Ty Pieschel 58.360, 4- Doug Jorgensen 58.751, 5- Cody Pieschel 58.695, 6- Kevin Hargreaves 1:01.879, 7- Marc Wooten 1:03.376. Tyler Klarr, Mike Christopherson, & Jose Elias were all three disqualified due to not rolling over the scales after the feature. Hvy: 1-Jim Pieschel 58.680, 2- Bob Steiner 59.248, 3- Scott Santiani 1:00.025, 4- BilL Nieman 1:07.273

Race Notes: Wayne Felch once again was untouchable and won it in a landslide run-a-way with his son Austin (Subbing for normal Bob Jeffery who was back crew chiefing for Scott Bloomquist) finished second…Ty “Mohawk” Pieschel finished in the 3rd spot, Doug Jorgensen ran a respectable 4th, followed by Cody Pieschel, Hargreaves, and Wooten….Tyler Klarr, Mike Christopherson, and Jose Elias chose not to roll over the scales after the feature and were DQ’d. In “Clone” heavy action Jim Pieschel took his #99 machine to victory lane followed by the hard charger Bob Steiner, and the smooth Scott Santiani in 3rd and Bill Nieman rounded out the heavies in the 4th spot. If interested in getting involved with what is right now the cheapest way to get involved in motorsports, contact Mike Schorn Portland Karting Associations President, or Chris Egger owner of the PAKRC, and they can get you in touch with the head of the SuperSport 200 “Clone” division Mr. Wayne Felch.

Article Credit: Terry Bridges-Pro Sound Audio Services
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