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NW Gold Cup Update!


There seems to be some confusion over the Sumas Gold Cup Race as a Non-IKF Points Race, yet still being a RotaxMax Challenge Points event.
The Race scheduled at the new Sumas Track on September 17-19 will be a "Non-Points" race for all IKF and Rotax classes. We hope this clears up any confusion.
As per Gold Cup rules, there will be one throwaway in our 8 race Gold Cup Series. The last Gold Cup race in Boise will have 100 bonus points for "all" classes for those attending the event.
Again, we apologize for any confusion on the schedule. For more info, contact Bill Hettick at 206-353-6569 or wghrock@comcast.net
As the Sumas race approaches, we encourage all drivers to come up and race at the new facility. We are working on sponsors to offer prizes/money for people attending this fun event. The race will be run on the full course. Stay tuned for more info.
Bill Hettick
Rotax Regional Coordiantor
IKF Region  6 Sprint Coordiantor

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