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"Historical Perspectives" ! Rd 6 Gold Cup Report


Historical Perspectives!

Round 6 of the 2010 Northwest Gold Cup Series

Article by: Northwest Karting News

This past weekend the Puget Sound Go Kart Association once again played host to the Northwest Gold Cup series, just as it has done for so many years past. The club, located just outside of downtown Spanaway has a history in competitive kart racing that few, if any organizations can lay claim to. For more than 50 years this small piece of Washington real estate has been witness to countless races and racers who have made the journey here looking for their own small piece of racing history.

Some half a century after it’s opening, there are many who question its relevance in today’s sport. Larger, wider, faster tracks have been built on all sides of it. Passing they say is virtually impossible, there is too little runoff, no parking... on and on. But this past weekend, “the little track that could” once again displayed some of the season’s best racing.

The weather:
was a tuners nightmare. Hot and sunny Friday, cold and rainy Saturday. Sunday seemed to be neither.

The track:
is indeed tight, passing extremely difficult. But for those racers who are willing and patient, opportunities do present themselves.

The Racing:

Rotax Jr:
The Rotax Jr class is currently being dominated by the number 98 kart of Mathew Moniz. This weekend would be more of the same as he started off day one by putting his Mach 1 on pole with a fast lap of 30.98. Moniz held a commanding lead throughout the weekend and by the time the main rolled around the battle would clearly be for the second spot. Moniz would take the lead from the start and hold it decisively throughout. McKean was thrown off the track coming out of turn one on the start and subsequently wound up back in fifth, he would ultimately fight his way back to the third spot, getting around Austin Hudson and Luke Selliken who themselves had an impressive battle for what would ultimately be the fourth and fifth spots. In the end it was Moniz (mach 1) taking the checkered, followed by Byers (italkart/CRE) in second, McKean(tonykart/bbr) third, Selliken (Birel/Rpg) in fourth, and Hudson (Tonykart) rounding out the top five.

Rotax Sr:
Qualifying for Rotax Senior would find Canadian champion Bryce Choquer and American racer Drew Revord on the front row for the start of heat one. Choquer’s 30.96 would give him the pole, and lead coming out of turn one followed by Revord, and Zimmer. As the front three settled into their positions the battle quickly shifted to the fourth spot. Darren Ward, Kory Estell, Brandon Cusack, and Chase Earle were all within inches of each other. Cusack on the losing end of the deal would wind up in the seventh spot. After taking the checkered, Choquer along with Drew Revord would find themselves starting Heat two from the back due to a DQ in Saturday’s Heat race. This would now give Andrew Zimmer a chance to run the table as the rest of the field would be forced to battle for position. Choquer and Revord would work hard to make their way through the pack, but Cusack would have the greater success with passing on this tight track, moving all the way up to the second spot behind Zimmer as the checkered flew. Zimmer held a commanding lead throughout the main event as the battle once again was for second, this time it would be between Cusack who had it, and a hard charging Choquer who wanted it. As Cusack worked to hold the spot it was Choquer who would make a diving move to the inside of Cusack as they came onto the front straight with just three laps to go. At the checkered it was Zimmer (Top kart) for the win, followed by Choquer (Tony/BBR) in second, Cusack (CRG/RPG)in third, Revord(CRG) in fourth, and Ward (Tony kart) rounding out the top five.
When asked afterwards about the pass by Choquer, Cusack replied: “Bryce is a great driver, it was an awesome pass, there was nothing I could do, I wasn’t going take us both out.”

Jr I/ Jr II 4 Cycle:
Saturday made for wet and rainy conditions as the two groups raced. Myles Pederson set the pace for Jr I with a fast lap of 46.01. Pederson got the lead on the start in Heat one, but would soon be passed by a fast Michael Gutenberger(Arrow) on the inside of turn four lap three for the lead. The rain continued to fall throughout the main event, but this time it was a very fast Taylor Overhoff who would make his way to the front to hang on for the win. Gutenberger came in right behind in second, followed by Pederson in third.
It was the no. 52 of Brittney Zamora who would take pole to lead the Jr II class with a fast lap time of 47.59. Sting Ray Robb(Wildkart) would get a great start taking the lead away from Zamora in heat one, as the battle between Robb and Zamora would begin. Zamora would pass Sting Ray on the inside of turn four lap six and hold onto the win for Heat one. The rain continued to fall as Zamora got the lead on the start of the main event, followed closely by Sting Ray. There were multiple wrecks and spin outs throughout the main event, however it was the very consistent Kyle Adams who would work very hard to avoid the slick spots on the track and charge to the front to take home the win. Zamora came in second, with Sting Ray in third, and Smith in fourth.

World Formula Heavy:
The spectators were lined up at the fence to watch the largest class of the day, World Formula Heavy. It was Nik Larson who led the group putting his kart on pole with a fast lap of 38.56. This class had trouble getting started for Heat one as the left row came around for the start while the right row stacked up behind a collision in the front between two karts. Once underway Terry Lawrence was able to get his kart going, while Jerry Filgiano(Arrow) was forced to pull off the track and out of Heat race. Gabriel Kajdy and Austin Moon were both forced to make their way from the back to the front due to earlier spin outs. The battle in the main event was for first between Terry Lawrence and Jeff Mullins with Filgiano always close behind. Filgiano got by Mullins to take the second spot. Meanwhile, Robbie Calhoun was able to make his way up to the front as he passed Terry Lawrence in turn six on lap seven all the while having multiple rolled black flag warnings being thrown at these very competitive drivers. As Moon battled for third, Tim Lawrence would go after the leader and make the pass down in turn eight to take the win. Filgiano followed in second, with Terry Lawrence in third, Calhoun in fourth, and Moon rounding out the top five.

Micro Max:
Mason Morgan(Margay) would take pole in Micro Max with a fast lap of 37.35. Saturday was a day of wet and very slick racing conditions for these young drivers. With multiple spin outs, some leaving the drivers out for good, it was a very consistent Edward Portz(CMC) who would hang on for the lead in Heat one. Sunday would bring much dryer conditions as Portz would once again lead the pack throughout the last two heats, with Seth Appel and Conner Robustelli(Wildkart) looking for a win as well. Through the main event it was a close race between the top four drivers with Portz leading the pack followed closely by Appel, Morgan, and Robustelli. As three of the four racers got bunched up mid-session, Appel and Morgan swapped positions only to have Appel take back second on lap ten. Robustelli soon came in hot to make the pass for third on the inside of turn four lap twelve. In the end it was Portz who took the win, followed by Appel in second, Robustelli third, Morgan fourth, and Nino rounding out the top five.

Mini Max:
There would be some great racing in this class come Sundays main event. Kyle Wick put it on pole Saturday with a fast lap of 32.55. Wick came out in front on the start of Heat one as the rain really started to come down. There were many drivers who would spin in all corners of the track leaving them all having to work their way back through the field. While a fast Wick led the entire main event, a hard charging Jake Preston would pass Marco Eakins on the inside of turn four lap three to take the second spot, all the while looking to get up to the front and challenge Wick for the lead. Sting Ray also looking to get in the mix, made a heads-up move to the inside of turn four lap eight to take the third place spot away from Eakins. Although It looked as though Preston had the speed necessary to catch wick and challenge for the lead, he ultimately would run out of time having to settle for the second spot. As the checkered flew it would be Wick (CRE/Wildkart) with the win, Preston(Topkart/CRE) second, followed by Sting Ray (red apple racing) in third, with Eakins, and Franchini rounding out the top five.

IAME Cup Jr II would once again be sure to draw a crowd as the people came to see if anyone had a chance against Artie Carpenter(Top Kart) who has dominated this class all season long. Carpenter pulled out in front in Heat one, however Parker McKean(Tony Kart/ BBR) would quickly make a pass to the inside of turn four lap two to take the lead. Paige Wallin(Intrepid) running strong would be next to pass Carpenter, this time on the outside of turn four lap four. A disappointed McKean went off the track in turn three to lose the lead and put him out of the race
The main event for these hard charging racers was a close one, starting with Wallin and Kailia Walter(Italkart) getting tangled together coming out of turn one on the start. As the rest of the field moved away, these two were left struggling to make their way back up to the pack. Meanwhile it was Carpenter leading the field, McKean seemed to be the only one who had the speed and position to challenge him for the lead. Ultimetely it would be Carpenter holding on for the win, with McKean in second, as a very fast Wallin was able to make her way back up to third.

TAG Gazelle:
Job Kandris would set the pace for the weekend in TAG Gazelle at his home track with a fast lap of 36.02. The rain was keeping conditions slick for the drivers as they spun multiple times throughout Heat one. The crowd watched as Kandris and Sara Brinkac would go back and forth throughout the weekend for the lead. Sunday was a different story weather wise and conditions would finally allow for some consistent racing. Again it was Kandris and Brinkac who would go back and forth between heats two and three fighting for the lead. In the end it was Brinkac who took home the win, followed by Kandris in second, and Reece Carman in third.

IAME Cup Sr:
What a show for the spectators this weekend as they would all come out to see if anyone could challenge Remo Ruscitti(Italkart) for the win. Ruscitti set the pace putting his Italkart on pole with a fast lap of 31.42. It would be Johnny Blair(Italkart) however who would take the lead on Heat one followed closely by Ruscitti, while Scott Hargrove and Adam Isman went back and forth battling for sole possession of the third spot. There were two battles going on throughout the weekend between Blair and Ruscitti for first place, as well as Hargrove and Isman for third place. In the main event, it was clear that no one had a shot at catching Ruscitti; and so Hargrove and Blair were left to fight it out for second. All drivers held their positions throughout the main event with Hargrove staying out in front of Blair for the twenty lap event. As the class of drivers came around turn four on the last lap, Blair made one final attempt to get under Hargrove on the inside, and although there was contact, he was not able to make it stick, keeping him in third. Ruscitti took first, followed by Hargrove in second, Blair in third, Isman in fourth, and Soden rounding out the top five.

Rotax Master/ TAG Master:
Rotax/ TAG Masters as it seemed would have to wait until the main event until things started to get interesting. Jim Hargrove(Italkart) started off the weekend with a fast lap of 32.60 putting him on pole for Heat one. Only Hargrove came out to race Heat one, as he then pulled off the track mid-way through the session. It was Doug Huggler who would lead the main event and take the win home on Sunday. Although Hargrove would run the fast lap of the main event, a spin in turn three would set him back to third, with Kajdy in second.

Article Credit: Nwknews
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